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When was the last time you went to a museum? Who has the time, right? A hectic timetable and lack of post-work energy shouldn’t stop you from exploring the world’s finest art and antiquities though. Instead, you can use the modern world to enjoy the old, with these apps capable of helping you squeeze a little culture into your busy schedule.

Add colour to your day

As its name suggests, DailyArt presents you with a single masterpiece, every day. Each entry comes with an easy-to-understand blurb that makes for a great read whenever you have a spare minute.

These quick-hit guides introduce hundreds of great, global artworks such as Monet’s Water Lilies series, Rembrandt’s Nightwatch, and Gauguin’s Tahiti series, and, with a tap, you can download a high resolution image of the works that move you. Letting you experience the wild, unbridled strokes of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, it offers the sort of close-up views you’d only get in a gallery seconds before being thrown out.


    Daily Dose of Art History


The museum’s official app, The Met,puts it all in your pocket. It’s like having a cool, interesting tour guide cluing you in on what’s hot, all without ever stepping foot in the big apple. Tapping into the Highlights and Staff Picks sections also offers online exhibitions curated by the museum’s experts that both enlighten and entertain. Check out Strike A Pose for example, for figurative statues that express through their body language.

Returning what was taken

The 21st century has seen a heist of famous art committed almost once a year. So far only a portion has been recovered. The Museum of Stolen Art for Cardboard is a virtual gallery that gathers these artworks still hidden from us, whether stolen by thieves, looted in war, or worse.

Viewable once again on your phone, the app makes for an immersive and bittersweet experience. You’ll browse masterworks with a heart both uplifted by the beauty of the missing works, and heavy knowing their fate.

O'Keeffe Museum Tours offers an in-depth look at the artist and her work.

    The Museum of Stolen Art for Cardboard



    O'Keeffe Museum Tours




Chock-full of audio, text, and hi-res images, the Guggenheim app is yet another rich resource. The many multimedia guides provide an in-depth look at current exhibits, the museum’s permanent collection, and the Guggenheim’s iconic New York City home, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Art aficionados who are low on disk space on their devices will appreciate that the app lets you download only the specific tours that you’re interested in.

Geek out on art and architecture with the Guggenheim app, including a tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed museum.