OLO game


OLO is a real App Store classic, a game that has never left our iPhone or iPad since it arrived back in 2012.

It’s a mashup of air hockey and bowls. Playable with a simple swipe of the finger, the pucks have a pleasing weight to them as they glide across the board into your opponent’s territory.

Slide your pucks over to their side of the board. Simple...right?

OLO takes just a moment to learn, but much, much longer to master. Trust us. We’re still at it. The complexity comes with more players in the mix, and differently-sized pucks. And because it’s turn-based, there’s no rush, allowing you to weigh up your options before making your move.

2v2 mode is more chaotic, but an absolute blast.

It makes for an outstanding tabletop game to gather friends or family around, especially on iPad. And even if you are playing alone, there’s an online mode that lets you play with people around the world.

Clean minimal looks, intuitive mechanics and sociable play make OLO about as essential as App Store games get, particularly at this time of year.