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Deliveroo: Food delivery

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Hungry? You will be by the end of this exploration of the UK’s favourite food.

While most are familiar with Deliveroo – the food delivery app that lets you order takeaway from restaurants – rarely do we venture beyond our tried and tested favourite dishes. It’s time that changed.

We’ve looked at Deliveroo’s most ordered items from some of the UK’s biggest cities in search of some evening meal inspiration.

What is the UK’s favourite food?

When it comes to the most ordered items, it turns out that burritos are universally popular. Burgers too. And while Edinburgh was the only city where neither dish topped the most popular winter or summer order lists, the Classic Burrito from Mexican fast food chain Barburrito was the city’s second most popular item in winter, followed by the Bacon Cheeseburger from burger joint, Five Guys.

These aren’t the only popular items on the menu though, as the longer order lists from these cities prove.

Who’s for a protein shake? It turns out they’re popular in Manchester.

Based on its Deliveroo orders, Manchester appears to be one of the healthier cities in the UK. Strawberry Protein Boost Shake from American-style diner Archie’s sits highly on the city’s top 10 list of summer orders, and it’s joined by a Regular Protein Box from health food café, Bosu Body Bar.

Add to this two separate natural frozen yoghurt dishes, a falafel wrap and a grilled halloumi dish, and it’s clear that Deliveroo fans in Manchester are trying hard to eat well.

Kebabs are one of the most ordered items in Birmingham.

Birmingham’s list of most popular dishes is more at the comfort food end of the spectrum.

A doner kebab from the aptly-named German Doner Kebab is the second most popular winter dish in Birmingham (behind the Five Guys Cheeseburger), while steak and cheese pie and a full English breakfast also made the city’s top 10 list.

Living up to tradition, fish & chips and ice cream feature on Brighton’s list.

Leeds is the only city where pizza is the most popular dish, and Edinburgh the place where curry (ahem) curries favour. And Brighton lives up to its seaside traditions with two separate ice cream dishes – both vanilla – making the summer top 10 items.

That’s not where the love of coastal fare ends, either, with fish and chips from traditional chippy Bankers making the most ordered items list in winter – all without needing to brave that biting sea breeze, too.

    Deliveroo: Food delivery

    Order takeaway food online