Need help moving home?

Apps that take the stress out of finding a new place to live.

Up there with starting a business and planning a surprise party, moving home is one of the most stressful things we intentionally, and regularly put ourselves through. Download the correct apps, however, and there are ways to minimise these stresses and inevitable frustrations.

Discover your dream pad

Whether you’re renting or buying, finding a place to live can be a long, arduous process. Now, thanks to Rightmove, it’s a breeze, with widespread window shopping and all the details you desire just a tap away.

Rightmove lets you narrow your house hunt down with specific criteria.

Get granular with your house hunt by choosing to surface only certain property types. Add in minimum and maximum prices, whether a garden or private parking is a must, and the number of bedrooms you require. Most properties offer an extensive array of images, floorplans and details on the energy performance certificate. A handy button lets you contact the relevant estate agent.

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Know the neighbourhood

Once you’ve found a couple of potential properties, it’s time to check out what the neighbourhoods are like. As well as doing a couple of drive-bys, downloading GeoSure will give you the lowdown on the things you can’t see, such as crime rates and any health concerns in the area.

Areas are awarded scores based on a number of health and crime figures.

Based on hundreds of global data sources, GeoSure’s five safety categories cover everything from women’s safety and risk of physical harm to theft rates and health risks based on water and air quality. You won’t get street-by-street breakdowns, but when trying to decide between different areas or towns, it will highlight anything that might concern you.




Sign of the times

If you thought that finding a new home was the hard part, just wait until all the paperwork starts to land. As well as confusing you with complex legal terms and vague descriptions, this mound of paperwork will try drag you back to a pre-digital era. With SignEasy, however, you can tackle the seemingly endless signature requirements without ever lifting a pen or fiddling with your printer.

Sign your documents, no printer needed.

The app, which is compliant with UK and EU electronic signature laws, lets you add your digital squiggle to all legal documents directly from your iPhone or iPad, cutting down on the back and forth times between you and your agents.

    Signeasy - Sign and Fill Docs

    Sign and send PDF, Word & more


Moving mountains

Now there’s just the actual move to tackle. As you see that mound of boxes grow, however, it’s clear that your car and an additional Uber just aren’t going to cut it. That’s where ZipCar comes in.

ZipCar lets you see on a map where cars and vans are available.

If you’re in a big city you can hire a car– or more importantly in this instance, a van – using ZipCar, directly from your iPhone. More than that, the app is also your key, letting you unlock the car you’ve booked. And with fuel and insurance included, you can hire vans by the day or hour – ideal for short moves.

    Zipcar: cars on-demand

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