Explore the official app from a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars


The Mandalorian may be wrapped up (for now), but there’s still plenty going on in the Star Wars™ galaxy – and no better way to explore it than with the series’ official app.

Who it’s for: Star Wars fans from Tatooine to Mandalore to Naboo. The app is where you’ll find official news on upcoming projects (such as the new Disney+ series The Bad Batch and Obi-Wan Kenobi), a soundboard with iconic dialogue from the films and shows (“It’s a trap!”) and a selfie cam where you can see your face in a Mandalorian bounty puck or a Han Solo–style carbon freeze.

Stay immersed in the Star Wars universe with the series’ official app.

Why we love it: It’s so comprehensive. Get the weather on Endor, Jakku or whichever planet’s climate is closest to yours. (That way, you can wake up and say, “Wow, it’s going to feel like the Jundland Wastes out there today!”) Share GIFs or emoji with friends or co-pilots. Or use your iPhone as a lightsaber to battle a training remote in a cool augmented reality (AR) game. (Give yourself some space for this one. That remote flies all over the place.)

The weather is lovely on Endor – just watch out for chunks of the Death Star falling from the sky.

Don’t miss: A chance to put Grogu right on your sofa. Tap on Stickers to see an AR version of The Mandalorian’s breakout star in the room with you (soup not included). Then browse more AR options, including porgs, ships and characters from The Bad Batch.