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Start your adventures in preserves, sourdough, floristry and more, right here.

Is your social media feed filled with pictures of perfect sourdough breads, beautiful floral bouquets and intricate craft projects?

That’s because all your friends have been cultivating their artisanal skills and developing a hipster hobby in their spare time.

What, you mean you haven’t yet learnt to gild and re-upholster a chair in leopard print velvet? Well, it’s time to give in and embrace the trend. These apps will help you get started on your sourdough starter, show you how to sew a new seat cover and propel your latest pet project to brilliance.

Splendid sourdough

There are so many different guides out there to getting your sourdough starter underway, but if you want detailed and visual instructions that are easy to follow go to Kitchen Stories Recipes. Have a look at Ruby Goss’ “The Simplified Guide to Making Sourdough Starter at Home”.

Need a bit of homemade plum jam to slather on top of it? You’ll find a recipe for that too.

You’ll never look back once you’ve started making sourdough.

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Upskilled upholstery

Bought an old chair six months ago and still haven’t plucked up the courage to strip off the seat pad?

Check out Udemy where you’ll find courses such as “The Ultimate Upholstery Guide: Recovering Dining Room Chairs”, which will teach you everything you need to know before you invest in that flamingo print fabric.

You’ll soon have that chair restored and looking lovely in your home.

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Blooming bouquets

You will not find any fustiness in modern day flower arranging. Floristry is now taught by tattooed blokes in overalls.

Check out these courses on Skillshare: Michael and Darroch Putnam’s “Modern Flowers: Arranging a Stunning Centrepiece” or Spencer Falls’ “Everyday Flowers: Simple Stunning Arrangements for Any Occasion”.

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Juzhed up jam

These days not everyone whacks a bunch of unrefined sugar on their toast in the morning.

Head to Deliciously Ella where she’ll show you how to make Strawberry and Raspberry Chia Jam and also a healthy hazelnut and chocolate spread to replace your Nutella.

Raspberry Chia Jam constitutes a serious breakfast upgrade.

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Top-notch knitting

It doesn’t all have to be cardigans and baby blankets. Knit yourself a tote bag, yoga socks or an “ironic” fair isle jumper. With LoveCrafts Knitting you find and work through patterns in the app.

Add notes as you knit and track your stitches as you go, so that you don’t forget where you got to. You can also find specialist yarns through the app.

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Well-crafted calligraphy

How will you write on the blackboard at the coffee house you run, if you don’t know how to pen that perfect lettering? The in-crowd love calligraphy for the meditative process of crafting flowing fonts and the fact that every note they write can look beautiful.

Practise with the lovely virtual pen and paper set in Tayasui Calligraphy.

You’ll may the flow of pen and ink is surprisingly therapeutic.

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