Fantastic heroes who represent you

Find great Black characters in these games.

Have you been searching for a brilliant and playable Black character in the games you love? We know that diversity isn’t always easy to find in games. So here we are highlighting five excellent examples that feature great Black protagonists – each with their own narrative. Check them out.

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land: Michonne

Fans of The Walking Dead franchise will be familiar with the character Michonne Hawthorne. She arrives in the television series traumatised by the loss of her son and partner but also ruthless with a sword. In strategy game The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land it is these sword skills you will put to use to defeat the undead horde.

You unlock Michonne by collecting Hero tokens, acquired by making calls with Radio Phones. Find more of these by completing challenges and quests.

Take on zombie hordes as the highly skilled Michonne.

    The Walking Dead No Man's Land

    Official The Walking Dead RPG


Tennis Clash: Hope

Yes, this is a tennis game, but that doesn’t mean there’s no character development. The game’s designers at Brazilian developer Wildlife Studios wanted to make each character feel authentic.

Hope is from New York City and her appreciation for the crowd is shown in both her celebration – a hand on the heart and a point to the spectators – and her stance between matches, in which she acknowledges fans. All of this makes her a loveable player – not to mention her on-court agility and strong forehand.

Step into the tennis shoes of the loveable Hope – and smash it on the court!

    Tennis Clash:Multiplayer Games

    Online sport stars rival game


Choices: Stories You Play: Dr Casey Valentine

Technically, you can call your characters whatever you like in Choices and style them however you please. But the default character in the Open Heart story is a young, Black, newly qualified doctor called Casey Valentine.

How Dr Valentine’s romantic storyline unfolds is up to you – as are the ethnicities, styles and names of many of the characters in the Choices stories.

Craft a love story for newly qualified doctor Casey Valentine.

    Choices: Stories You Play

    Choose your drama story game


Frobelles: Coco, Kelli and Krista

Created by mother and daughter team Yvonne and Alyssa Ottley, Frobelles is a direct response to the pair’s desire to see better representation in children’s games.

Coco, Kelli and Krista are three sisters, each with their own unique style, who children can dress up in fun outfits and choose Afro hairstyles for. The game is voiced by Alyssa Ottley, who will talk you through a plethora of hairstyles including flat twists, Fulani braids and a pineapple pin-up.

Fashionistas will love choosing outfits and Afro hairstyles for their Frobelle.

    Frobelles® - Hair Slay & Play

    Afro Hairstyling Dress Up Game


Reset Earth: Sagan

This story has an environmental message and follows three teenagers – Knox, Terran and Sagan – who are on a mission to save the world. The trio will have to travel through time to search for clues about a disease called the GROW and how to prevent it.

Sagan’s special skills include his super-sharp chemistry knowledge, which he will use to create useful explosions. He also has a jetpack that will send him soaring for short bursts of time.

Help to save the world as science whizz Sagan.

    Reset Earth

    One Ozone, Planet and Chance


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