The many marriages of Muzz

Meet two of 350,000 couples who met through the Muslim dating app.

Muzz - formerly muzmatch

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Dating services aren’t usually best known for their marriage statistics. But the Muslim dating app Muzz (formerly Muzmatch) definitely is. So far the app can claim to have resulted in 350,000 marriages.

Muzz is a dedicated place for Muslim people to connect with fellow Muslims, with a view to finding lifelong love. It has around 7 million users who can interact through text, voice and video chat.

With Muzz you can search for Muslims who share similar beliefs and are looking for long-term commitment.

The app enables you to keep photos blurred for extra privacy and filter for matches who are aligned on your religious beliefs, as well as how and how much you practise. You can be specific about your marriage timeline and how quickly you hope to be wed. And, if needed, a chaperone can be included in your conversations.

“Western dating apps are too casual for Muslims, so I started Muzz as a halal alternative,” says Muzz founder Shahzad Younas. “We call it a Muslim dating app, but for Muslims like me, dating isn’t casual – it’s getting to know someone with the intention of marriage. Muzz is transforming how 2 billion Muslims meet and marry, but in a way that respects Islamic etiquette.”

Younas continues to be enthralled by the success of Muzz. “It still blows my mind that Muzz is responsible for 250,000 Muslim weddings... The best part of my day is replying to messages from couples who met on Muzz.

Interact with potential matches through text, voice and video chat.

Read the stories of two successful Muzz marriages below.

Isma’il and Mariah

It took Mariah just three months to find Isma’il on Muzz. Both joined the app with the specific intention of finding marriage. “I think you have to,” says Isma’il. “If you’re not serious about making it work, then you’re likely not going to drive your interactions towards a serious conclusion.”

Mariah initially went looking for love on Muzz because, “My mum was on my case to get married after having graduated,” she jokes.

However, it wasn’t completely straightforward. The pair met through Muzz during the pandemic lockdowns and while Isma’il is British, Mariah is originally from Singapore and was living in Russia at the time.

“We didn’t get to meet in person due to the geographical distance,” says Isma’il. “We tried to make up for it via video calls.”

After talking extensively via Muzz, “I gave Isma’il my father’s number and he messaged him out of the blue to ask permission of my parents for us to marry,” says Mariah.

The couple met in person for the very first time when Isma’il flew to Singapore for the wedding in November 2020.

Muzz presents a great opportunity for those that are serious about finding a Muslim spouse,” says Isma’il. “It may take some time, you may have to learn some lessons about yourself and your expectations, but if you persist and remain serious in your search, you will find someone, In sha’Allah [God willing].”

Fizza and Hassan

Fizza, originally from Orlando, Florida in the US, and Hassan, from Paris, France both joined Muzz in 2020.

“I joined the app hoping to find someone with the same religious values as me, and someone who would be a good husband, a good partner throughout life and Alhamdulillah [praise be to God] I found my perfect match,” says Fizza.

Hassan was persuaded to join Muzz by his sister. “I thought, ‘Why not?’ and I matched with Fizza one month later,” he says.

Both say they had “high hopes it would work” and it didn’t take long for them to fall for each other.

“I knew even before meeting Hassan in real life he was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with,” says Fizza. “Then the first time we met in real life it was, of course, love at first sight.”

“I knew as soon as we matched. It was like talking to someone I have known my whole life,” agrees Hassan. “We talked about marriage very early, so after two months of talking everyday, I called her dad and introduced myself.”

In 2021, Fizza visited Paris with her family. “I proposed to her a few days later near the Eiffel Tower,” says Hassan. The pair were wed in January 2022 in Paris.

Hassan’s advice for using Muzz: “Be really honest about what you’re looking for and don’t waste time. As soon as you realise that the person you’re talking with is not suitable for your expectations, respectfully end the talk.”

Why does Muzz have such a great success rate? Younas says it’s because the app was built for marriage. “All through the app, we have subtle and not-so-subtle hints that this is an app for serious relationships,” he says. “We even make everyone sign an oath saying they’re on Muzz with the right intentions.”

    Muzz - formerly muzmatch

    Match Date Marry Muslims