Make your selfies pop

Because share-worthy selfies shouldn’t just be pose, pout, snap, repeat.

When 48 of the 52 photos you’ve taken on any given day are selfies you know you’ve got a problem. No, not the number of selfies you’re taking, that’s fine. We’re more worried about how much variety you’re adding to your shots.

Whether your selfies are destined for social sharing, livening up a group chat or simply for Photos-based posterity these apps will help you spruce things up and add a bit of fun.

Liven things up with lenses

Ever wondered what you’d look like wearing a flower garland? How about rocking a Stetson and handlebar moustache or a pair of drooping dog ears? While those fashion choices might be a bit bold for a Tuesday in the office, with Snapchat’s selfie lenses you can try them out without drawing any suspicious looks.

Livening up your selfies by digitally overlaying these fun, fantastical and dramatic add-ons, Snapchat’s ever-evolving array of lenses are mapped to the movements of your face in realtime. Once captured you can either post your upgraded selfie to Snapchat or save to your device and share via the social or messaging platform of your choice.

Snapchat’s lenses let you, among other things, try out new hairstyles.


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Add a bit of brightness

Captured your selfie on a dull, grey day or somewhere that’s lacking a bit of visual inspiration? Don’t worry, Facetune2’s array of backgrounds will help bring out the best in your shot.

After automatically cutting you out, the app will stick you wherever you want to be. And with the array of backgrounds stretching from the ordinary to the extravagant, that means anywhere from a neat pastel backdrop to the moon. Helping you pop on your newly finished photo, the app’s impressive Relight and Neon features adds realistic and impactful spot lighting at an angle that’s both impactful and flattering.

Spruce up your background and add dramatic lighting within seconds using Facetune2.

    Facetune2: Best Selfie Editing

    Beauty Camera & Photo Editor


Say it with stickers

They say a picture paints a thousand words, but how about if you add pictures to your picture? Bringing your static selfies to life, PicSee’s array of stickers let you customise your snaps in an instant, adding colour, context and creativity to your shots while upping the fun levels.

With stickers broken down into easily searchable categories – from ‘Lines’ to ‘Love’, ‘Animals’ to ‘Party’ – every addition you make can be customised to your needs. You’ll twist, turn, resize, reshape and recolour your stickers before dropping them on to your newly revitalised image.

Using PicSee’s sticker collections you can give your selfies a unique, quirky look.

    PicSee - Add text on Pictures

    Write Words and Caption


Filter in real time

Filters are fun, but knowing which filter to use can be tricky. Infltr lets you get the decision making out of the way early by letting you view the effects of filters before capturing your shot. When checking yourself out before tapping the capture button, swiping across the screen lets you add filter effects in realtime.

Don’t simply settle for the standard filters, either. Infltr lets you effortlessly create your own. And using the depth feature you can make your selfies stand out by adding two filters at once – instantly coating yourself in one overlay while the background gets another treatment.

Don’t wait until you’ve captured your shot to improve it, filter in realtime with Infltr.

    Infltr - Infinite Filters

    Create Your Own Personal Style


Hope for the best

Want cool, eye-catching selfies without putting in any of the effort? Fabby offers exactly that. Letting you cross your fingers and hand things over to the selfie gods, simply snap your selfie, tap the app’s ‘I’m Lucky’ feature and your image will instantly be adorned with a random background, foreground and face-adorning mask.

Giving your image an instant, unique makeover, these combinations take many forms. Not happy with what you’re offered? You can re-randomise all three selections together or individually by tapping the corresponding buttons or go manual and make use of the full array of photo enhancements.

Are you feeling lucky, punk? Well then give Fabby’s instant editing tools a try.

    Fabby — Photo & Video Editor

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