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Typic 2: Fonts & Text on Photo

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If there’s one thing that all Christmas lovers know to be true, it’s that every present requires careful consideration. And there’s no better way to show your thoughtfulness than by firing up your creative flair and crafting the coolest Christmas card ever.

It’s not complicated either. Five minutes, your imagination and Typic 2. That’s all you’ll need to spread some unforgettable holiday cheer to your friends and loved ones.

And to get you started, we talked to Hi Mom’s designer Margarita Acosta, the studio behind Typic 2, who shared her tips for designing truly unique pieces.

Setting the mood

Warm Caribbean or chilly alpine vibes? Well, either. Whether you want to use your actual location or incite some envy with a dream one, this is where you set the mood for your card. Begin by picking a photo you want as the background or create your own by tapping on the Backgrounds option.

“If you decide to go with the photo, go to filters and apply the Rose category to give a magical and nostalgic tone to your card,” says Acosta. “If you prefer to create an image, go to Background, tap on Textures and pick a golden one for the same effect.”

The finer details

Once you’ve selected your background, you can add quirky stickers before getting down to the business of the font.

From sparkling Christmas trees and dashing reindeer to crowns and cookies, there are hundreds of choices available so you’ll find something that sits perfectly within your theme. Tap on Design Elements, pick Festivities and place the ornaments within the borders to create a frame.

“Avoid cramming too many objects into your piece. Less is more. The cleaner the design, the better the composition will turn out,” Acosta suggests.

Thinking about type

Your message goes hand in hand with your design. “Try to keep it simple and straightforward, and bear in mind that the fonts you choose play a key role in reinforcing your message,” advises Acosta. Whether you want to create some festive cheer or drum up a little nostalgia, the Lettering category on the Fonts menu has you covered.

And send…

All it takes is five minutes, remember? And now, you have a gorgeous bespoke Christmas present that is sure to stand out upon arrival with those important people in your life. Go on, try the not-so-typical this year.

For the whole of December, Typic 2 is offering 80 per cent off the annual subscription price.

    Typic 2: Fonts & Text on Photo

    Write on Photo, Edit & Design