Stop hitting snooze, wake up refreshed

Discover how a better night’s sleep can be achieved with apps.

Snooze. Never has a single word caused such mixed feelings.

Yes, seeing the ‘Snooze’ button means that you’ve been rudely awoken and are perilously close to actually having to start your day (the horror), but it also means you’re just a single tap away from nine glorious more minutes in bed.

We needn’t have these mixed emotions though. Remove snooze from your morning ritual, use these apps individually – or combine a couple together – and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed without the need for ‘just nine more minutes’.

Get ready for bed

Eye mask, check. Pillow mist, check. Comforting childhood teddy – how did you know? You can prepare your bed for a good night’s sleep, but if your head’s still whirring when it hits the pillow a decent rest is far from guaranteed.

10% Happier offers a variety of sleep-enhancing guided meditations.

To help you switch off before you drift off, 10% Happier offers guided audio meditations that let you adopt the correct mindset for a relaxing rest. With sessions ranging from three to 40 minutes in length, the guided meditations will help you achieve everything from letting go of tensions to relieving your mind of the day’s thoughts and stresses.

    10% Happier: Meditation

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Drift off calmly

You’ve cleared your mind, so before you start worrying again about work reports or that looming event, launch Sleepiest. Offering a broad array of calming sleep stories, the app will help you drift off into the Land of Nod while blocking out the passing traffic or next door’s noisy neighbours.

You can create your own soothing sounds with Sleepiest.

As well as offering an extensive collection of sleep sounds and soothingly narrated sleep stories, Sleepiest lets you create your own calming tones. So, whether you want to mix a bit of Coastal Winds with Rain on Canvas or combine the sounds of a Waves on Rocks with a Leafy Breeze and Crackling Fire you can create custom soothing sleep-inducing sounds.

    Sleepiest: Sleep with Sounds

    Music & Stories For Sleeping


Wake up at the right time

A good night’s sleep is just the start to feeling refreshed come morning. Getting up at the right time is just as important. Here, Sleep Cycle can help. As well as being an all-round sleep tracker, crucially the app is also a smart alarm. Instead of shocking you awake with an abrupt cacophony, the app will intelligently rouse you during your lightest phase of sleep ensuring you wake up more naturally and feel more refreshed.

Wake up at the right time with Sleep Cycle’s smart alarms.

It does this by recording your sleep patterns and looking at a 30-minute window around your desired wake-up time before triggering a soothing sound. Activated when it senses you’re naturally coming out of deep sleep, this calming alarm gradually increases in volume to bring you to the land of the living without any day-ruining shock factor. Yes, there’s a snooze button, but you won’t need it.

    Sleep Cycle: smart alarm clock

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