Think outside the inbox

Make that Monday morning email a whole lot easier to manage.

It’s time to add a bit of excitement to your Monday morning. That’s right, it’s challenge time.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it (and we suggest you do), is to hit inbox zero by the end of the day. Yes, today – and every day thereafter, too. We know that you’ve got a lot to get through, but keeping on top of those unread emails will stop the workload, and the stress levels, from building.

You’re not alone in this endeavour in efficiency either, there are a number of great apps just waiting to aid in your professional proficiency upgrade.

Give control to the robots

There’s no need to fear the robot uprising, these AI underlings are here to help us out, and that’s no truer than with Astro Email & Calendar. By giving control to this AI email assistant, your days of trawling through the filler to get the important emails are a thing of the past. Learning how you use your email, Astro will quickly start to prioritise your inbox, putting your most important mail at the top and removing unwanted filler from view. That’s just the start of this assistant’s abilities. It can also respond to natural language commands, give you daily and weekly inbox updates and even unsubscribe you from spammy mailing lists.

Learn how to handle tasks

You can’t be expected to tackle all of your awaiting emails in one go, but by prioritising the most important and assigning them to your to-do list so they don’t go forgotten, you can make that mound of unread mail more accessible. Handle lets you go through your inbox, swiping left to archive unnecessary and unwanted mail, and right to send mail to your to-do list. Once assigned for later inspection, you can add reminders and due dates to individual messages or drag them into order and prioritise your schedule.

    Handle: GTD To-do List and Calendar Management



Come back later (but not too late)

OK, so putting things off isn’t exactly the definition of being productive, but by clearing some of the clutter and tackling things in bitesize chunks you can make tackling your inflated inbox more manageable.

Working with all your various email addresses, Spark by Readdle auto-detects whether your emails are personal, professional, a notification, or simple mailout, grouping your inbox accordingly and making it easier to make use of the app’s batch delete and batch snooze features. Need to save more time? Customisable quick replies are also available to make working your way through your inbox an even speedier process.

    Spark - Email App by Readdle

    Love your email again