Why Paloma puts her faith in apps

Are humanity and technology morphing into one thing? That’s the question posed by Paloma Faith’s album, The Architect. And after speaking to the stylish singer, songwriter and actress, it’s pretty clear what she believes to be the answer.

She recounts a recent conversation with Pharrell Williams, who takes a similar world view. “We were talking about the current climate and how powerful technology is,” Faith tells us, “and how it has become such a crutch for us and there are apps for everything. I don’t necessarily have to think, because a lot of apps are thinking for me.”

“In a lot of ways on our own we’re kind of more stupid… but joined with technology we’re more intelligent,” she continued. “It’s a weird co-existence.”

So of course, we asked exactly how the world of apps helps Faith run her busy life. Here’s what she said:

Getting lyrical

Writr is the best rhyming dictionary that I’ve ever found, because it’s geared towards poets and lyricists. It’s got full rhymes and near rhymes which is what you need when you write song lyrics – in fact it has become such a crutch for me I don’t know if I could write a song without it.”


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Feeling inspired

“I’m one of those people who just goes on Instagram without even thinking about it. And before I know it, I’ve wasted 30 minutes in some sort of black hole. There are a lot of people using it at the moment to show off amazing animations, and quite a lot of artists are using it as a platform for their photography. There’s a lot on there that I find inspiring.”


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Sourcing style

“I use Pinterest quite a lot for moodboarding and images… so when I start a campaign, I am very involved in all the visuals. I often make moodboards for my stylist so I can show him what sort of atmosphere I’d like to create.”

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Being mum

“I use something called BabyTracker. I’m a working mother so my child gets handed between quite a lot of people on a day-to-day basis… It’s kind of insane because we’re relying on this app so much. Hoop is good too, it tells you what baby or child related activities are in your area, and you can put in your child’s age and find out what might be good to take your child to.”

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Taking pictures

“I really love Snapseed. I’m really into taking pictures. I’ve kind of got a running joke with one of my friends that every time I post a picture that I’m really proud of, nobody comments on it because it’s always too arty. They love it when it’s a selfie, though. I quite often use 8mm for video as well.”




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