Make an award-worthy trailer

How iMovie can take your home movies and make them magnificent.


Turn videos into movie magic


Ever wanted to make an amazing movie? When you have an iPhone in your pocket, you already have the ability to shoot great video, but having the time to edit down that family barbecue, 60th birthday party or kids’ football match can often prove too time consuming.

Luckily for you, iMovie provides a simple way of turning your home video into a cinematic trailer that might well be worthy of its own golden statuette, and you won’t need a clapper board or a degree in film science to make it.

The process is designed to be easy for anybody. Just add your video into the right slots and edit the title cards to make this your very own production.

You won’t have to worry about a soundtrack either: iMovie comes with trailer music from luminaries of the film music world, including Academy Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer.

Let’s get started

Hit the big plus sign to start a new project and select trailer. This brings you to a selection screen with 14 different styles that will be familiar to any movie buff. Find the one that will suitably bring your movie to life and tap create.

Next, you’ll arrive at the storyboard and outline section. Put in the names of your cast and crew, your production company (complete with professional looking logo) and your film title to make it completely personalised.

You can change any of the text in the template, including your production company name.

Now you’ll want to drop in your movie clips. The timeline has a series of little boxes where you can select your clips and watch them drop into place. Each of these features a silhouette and a description that should help you pick the right shots, although if you want to go in a different direction that’s fine too.

You can choose from videos (or photos) on your device or saved in iCloud. Alternatively, tap the camera button to record clips right into iMovie. Choose which bits of the clips you want to show by simply tapping into the video and sliding through to the section that you want.

You can preview your trailer at any time, refining or changing your mind as you craft your masterpiece. When you have finished creating, you have a host of sharing options (or simply add it to your personal library for future perusal).


    Turn videos into movie magic