Are you drinking enough water?

Liquids, foods and the metabolic processes are the body’s three main sources of water. Among them, half of our intake comes from drinking fluids, making it the most important way we stay hydrated. But are you drinking enough water?

Experts recommend that the average adult drinks two litres of water a day. However, that number can be abstract and difficult to gauge while going about your daily routine. WaterMinder helps make it more relatable, and after trying it, you’re likely to find you’ve been drinking far less than you should.

The app’s interactivity, colours, and sound effects give the ritual of drinking some extra flavour.

Input your weight and the intensity level of your physical activity, and the app will suggest your daily dose of fluids. But before you start, tap into settings and pick a cup size that matches your favourite water bottle. And while there, go ahead and customise hydration reminders for the most convenient times of day.

When a reminder comes, input your water intake. Also, the app supports the Today Widget and Apple Watch to make keeping track of your hydration habits even easier.

The most common reason we don’t drink enough water is because we simply forget. With its steady flow of reminders, the app helps raise your hydration awareness and gradually build a healthy habit. So now that you’ve been reminded, how many glasses have you had today?


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