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A professional app to help you manage your intelligent devices.
• Add new devices with a few easy steps
• Control your device wherever you are
• Get the status of you devices in real time
• Share your devices with friends and family members
• Set up and perform intelligent tasks
• Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life

【Mi Cloud Storage Automatic Renewal Service Description 】
- Renewal Service:7-day overwriting Renewal storage plan,30-day overwriting Renewal storage plan
- Renewal period:one month
- Renewal price: 7-day overwriting Renewal storage plan for 10 yuan/month, 30-day overwriting Renewal storage plan for 24 yuan/month
- Payment: after confirming the subscription, your Apple ID account will be debited;
- Cancel renewal:If you cancel the renewal, please manually turn off the automatic renewal function in the iTunes/AppleID settings management 24 hours before the current subscription period expires. Specific path:Please open the Apple mobile phone"settings"-->enter"iTunes store and AppStore"-->click"Apple ID",select"View Apple ID",enter the "Account Settings"page,click"subscribe",select Mi Cloud Storage unsubscribe. If you cancel within 24 hours before the expiration, the subscription fee will be charged;
- Renewal: Apple ID account will be deducted within 24 hours before expiration. After the deduction is successful, the subscription period will be extended by one subscription period;
- Mi Cloud Storage Automatic Renewal Service Agreement: https://camera.api.io.mi.com/cloud-service/app/doc/auto_renew-en.html,
- Mi Cloud Storage User Agreement: https://camera.api.io.mi.com/cloud-service/app/doc/user_licence-en.html
- About Cloud Storage Automatic Renewal: https://camera.api.io.mi.com/cloud-service/app/my_cloud.html?channel=iosinfo&locale=en#/renew
- Terms of Use and User Agreement: https://g.home.mi.com/views/user-terms.html?locale=en&type=userLicense
- Privacy Policy: https://g.home.mi.com/views/user-terms.html?locale=en&type=userPrivacy

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Έκδοση 8.1.201

• Bluetooth and bluetooth mesh devices with new firmware will be prompted on the check for updates page
• Dates of firmware changelogs adapt to local languages

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panoum ,

Issues with Roborock S5 map loading

Xiaomi ecosystem devices and Ciaomi Home app are both good in general. However, please pay attention to map feature for Roborock S5. It seems that frequently the map cannot load at all and only deleting/reinstalling the app solves this issue. Additionally, some special characters in the router WiFi password (! or “) do not work with Aqara Hub whereas Aqara Home app works OK. Please fix the issues.

Izoldy ,

Vacuum mi essential

I bought the mi vacuum essential mop it’s really great. I decided to buy a cheap model of this version because I wasn’t sure if I will finally use it. Living with cats it was finally the best choice I made. The application is fine but needs development in some Points of using or assigning the vacuum to other rooms. Also the vacuum makes sometimes useless moves over the same places I believe in more expensive models that doesn’t happen. Finally app loses the map and I can’t save the map

Ntafy ,

Main up is a little mixed, Watch app is a joke

I’m a UX engineer. And this app seems to have a very mixed UX, like it came out of 3-4 different people, but at least it’s starting to come together.

Then there’s the watch app. I’ve tried all menus and submenus in the main app and it really seems like a very half-baked implementation that was rushed out the door at gunpoint. It doesn’t work, guys. In the watch we only see the Xiaomi animation and a black screen. Let your engineers do their work, and enable it when it’s proper ready.

At the very least it is simply laughable to ask us to reboot our devices multiple times so that the app *might* work. Get real!

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Οι πρακτικές απορρήτου μπορεί να διαφέρουν, για παράδειγμα, βάσει των δυνατοτήτων που χρησιμοποιείτε ή της ηλικίας σας. Μάθετε περισσότερα


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