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SKYLECT is inspiring to become the world’s immersive education network to promote the digital transformation of educational institutions, businesses, and professionals from diverse fields. A modular approach builds a continuously available virtual environment to nurture and encourage talent and knowledge in unconventional life-like ways.

Standard and Virtual Reality technologies enable SKYLECT to overcome the limitations of other learning platforms and allow users to create, edit, promote and transform any content into a compelling textual or visual narrative ready to share in an intelligent virtual venue called ‘Experiences’. The Experiences module affords a secure multi-purpose scheme for a collective of engaging customized solutions. Seamless online education, training, product promotion, exhibitions, events, and field experiences find a reliable niche to materialize in creative, collaborative, and joyful ways.

With an array of new-generation tools, Live sessions, and Experiences, SKYLECT contributes to creating an open ‘theater’ to stage the continuous development of diverse projects and ideas in a way that restructures how audiences work, learn, and interact.

***Browse ‘Experiences’, the world’s fastest developing immersive education network. Experiences render a safe ground for individuals to share educational material in a fully customized world. It is an open-source network for entertainment and learning. The business world can showcase and promote their latest products and services, examine rivals, market trends, and development possibilities, thus comprising an asset attribute of ongoing revenue growth opportunities.

***Build for Sharing 3D Content - Share popular 3D file formats (FBX, OBJ) in a virtual environment. You can load up multiple 3D files at the same time. Session participants can explore and manipulate the parts of 3D models.

***Interactive Whiteboard - Draw on the whiteboard to facilitate knowledge acquisition and brainstorming in various settings such as classrooms, boardrooms, workgroups, training sessions or coaching presentations.

***3D Painting - You can unveil your creativity with 3D painting in virtual space.

***Quizzes/Polls with images, videos, and sound clips - Stimulate participants with engaging quizzes and polls and discuss performance outcomes on a question-by-question basis.

***3D Avatars - Upload an image to create your personalized high-resolution human-like 3D avatar.

***Presentation Board - Demonstrate presentations (landscape/portrait PDF), videos, images, audio clips, and documents (PDF) to everyone in the room and point out areas of focus with a spotlight pointer.

***Live Video Streaming - Share your webcam video streaming with everyone in the room.

***Private and Public Sessions - Lock your session from external access or create a public session open for everyone and engage with the outside world.

***Messaging - Send your messages and questions during sessions and receive instant notifications.

***Note Taking - Experience the excitement of note-taking strategy. You can take notes during a session.

***Team Invitations - Create your teams and invite users to collaborate. Your team members will receive email notifications for upcoming scheduled sessions.

***Session Invitations - Create public or private sessions and invite participants to your virtual rooms.

***Pull-up Banner - Upload your custom pull-up banner to show up in your Live sessions to increase your brand awareness.

***Cross-platform Access - You can host and join a SKYLECT session from any modern PC. Dual operation for VR and non-VR usage is supported when a PC-powered VR headset is not available.

***Snapshots - Capture snapshots of your scene view and save them in image format for sharing and referencing.

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