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Tap’N’Talk with Talkie and EUROGNOSI! Alf, Hip, Hop and their friends are here to help your child learn English.
Tap, listen, repeat. The most fun way for kids to acquire a native English accent. 
Doing homework has never been this much fun!
One app for 4 levels of English: Kids, Pre Junior, Junior A, Junior B

1. One of the four books available exclusively at EUROGNOSI.
      a. Hip Hop 1 (Kids)
      b. Hip Hop 2 (Pre Junior)
      c. Alf’s Adventures 1 (Junior A)
      d. Alf’s Adventures 2 (Junior B)
2. Talkie bluetooth pen available exclusively at EUROGNOSI.
How to use: 
1 Switch on your Talkie pen and set to “application mode”. Touch the logo on the cover of any one of the 4 books. 
2 Tap on any page in the book. 
3 Listen and watch the app bring the texts and songs to life. 
4 Repeat what you hear!

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Το παιδί μου αγάπησε τα αγγλικά! Τρομερό εργαλείο.

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