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"Athens Guide" application is the ultimate travel app for Athens and the wider area of Attiki! Download it on your device and have your trip's information at your fingertips!
Need to visit Athens and don't know where to start from? We got everything set for you! Hotel and services, Museum and sites, Art & Cultural activities, Food & Drink delicious experiences, popular city Events, Shopping at the most famous city spots, the hottest Nightlife places that cover every taste, as well as Health & Wellness information to keep you safe throughout your stay.
Want to take a tour to the most exciting cultural gems of Athens? Done! Use "Athens Guide" app to discover the “must do” tours that cover all major monuments of Athens, combined with culinary tours and cooking lessons where all the authentic Greek cuisine secrets are revealed to you!
Just go online and let the "Athens Guide" app find for you the most exciting ways to mingle with the locals and be part of a real Greek experience!
Personalize your settings, share your location with "Athens Guide" app and plenty of popular activities will appear on your screen!
Open your senses to the Greek historical & cultural heritage and keep Athens in your pocket!

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