Unravel a family mystery

In Gone Home, each room is a chapter in an unforgettable story.

Gone Home opens in the small hours of a stormy night. Fresh off a lengthy European trip, you return to your family’s Oregon home to find everyone missing.

Stranger still, a note from your teenage sister, Sam, implores you not to dig into her whereabouts: I don't want anyone to know.

What happened to your loved ones? The answers lurk in bedrooms, boxes and hidden nooks.

Naturally, that’s exactly what you start doing. Playing as Katie (the older daughter), you search rooms at your own pace, uncovering clues about the rest of the family through letters, receipts and mementos strewn about the house.

Gone Home’s 1995 setting explains all the cassette tapes and handwritten notes lying around – and steeps you in the age of The X-Files and ‘90s bands in a way that gives the game a deeply felt sense of place.

Family photos and other memorabilia hold hints about what’s going on.

The eerie tone, including flickering lights and secret rooms, will keep you on edge, but Gone Home’s real pull comes from expertly paced revelations about the people you thought you knew so well. Her coming-of-age tale – the game’s emotional core – proves a triumph of powerful writing and voice acting.

First released in 2013, Gone Home is a masterpiece that popularised first-person exploration games. Don’t play it expecting light entertainment: play it to immerse yourself in the secret struggles of a family that, by game’s end, you’ll feel like you’ve known for years.

    Gone Home

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