Smile! It’s the Joker

Face Batman’s number-one foe in these unforgettable games.

That face. That suit. That bloodcurdling laugh. Few villains have captivated comic book fans quite like the Joker.

DC’s Clown Prince of Crime is certainly a complicated character, and you can appreciate all of his sinister sides with these great apps.

Even when Supergirl blocks his blow, the Joker keeps on grinning.

The ruthless fighter

Fast and agile, the Joker in Injustice 2 can hold his own against anyone – even Superman. He lashes out with a crowbar, flings canisters of laughing gas and shocks enemies with a punishing supermove. You can play as several different Jokers, including a sword-swinging anime villain and a feral version who looks fresh out of Arkham Asylum.

    Injustice 2

    DC Champions Fight for Justice

The famous fiend cracks himself up in DC Legends.

The brilliant tactician

Strategy fans will dig the Joker of DC Legends. Whether smacking foes with a boxing-glove gun or laughing hysterically as he delivers gift-wrapped Joker gas, he’s a valuable member of any squad. Choose the version with spiked green hair and a dapper purple suit for the character’s classic look.

    DC Legends: Battle for Justice

    Batman & Flash Fighting Games!

The Enemy Within has a thought-provoking premise: Seeing how you can shape a nascent villain.

The dreaming schemer

Play the compelling Batman: The Enemy Within and you’ll better understand Joker’s dark origins and twisted mind. As Bruce Wayne, go undercover with Arkham patient “John Doe.” Based on your decisions, he may or may not become the Joker you recognise.

    Batman: The Enemy Within


DC Super Heroes’ jeering jester loves sending goons after you.

The cackling crime boss

LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes serves up a different kind of Joker: a kid-friendly prankster who enjoys monologuing as much as mugging the one percent. Between mocking Lex Luthor at a high-society gala and tormenting Batman and Robin with a missile-launching film projector, he’s clearly having a blast. So will you.

    LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes