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Night out? No thanks. We’ve got a hot date with Netflix. Just us and hundreds of hours of great content – bliss. Or at least it would be if we were actually making the most of the streaming service.

We’re not talking about getting the right recommendations or catching up on the latest series the day it drops, but unlocking the little known features just waiting to improve our viewing experience. Worried you’re missing out too? Then give these tips a try.

Download (even) better-looking content

Netflix is filled with great looking movies and TV series that you can download, but chances are you’re not really making the most of these visual delights. Don’t worry though, that can be easily remedied.

Within the app’s menu just tap App Settings > Video Quality > Higher and all your downloaded content’s visuals will be pushed to 11. These videos take up more storage space and will hit your data allowance a little harder, but that’s a small price to pay for a more detailed look at the Upside Down, right?

Thought your Netflix content looked great? Well, it's about to get better.

Kick your ex off your account

If your relationship comes to an end, you may have to cut all cords. Not by deleting their number, but removing your ex’s privileges to your Netflix account. You can see what devices your ex has been using to access your account and when they’ve been doing so by tapping Account > Recent device streaming activity.

Having seen who’s accessed your account although you can’t snub individual devices you can wipe the slate clean, kick everyone off and not share your new password by clicking Account > Sign out of all devices > Sign Out. Once you’ve cut Netflix ties, you and your ex really are never, ever, ever getting back together.

You know your relationship's over when you kick them off your Netflix account.

See just how quickly you binged Stranger Things

After binge watching an entire 10 episode series in a weekend we tend to feel a mixture of shame and pride. If you really want to see how quickly you powered through the better part of 10 hours worth of TV though, you can.

Tap Account > Viewing activity and you can see everything you’ve watched and when.
It might offer up a pang of guilt too, but if watching seven episodes of Plebs in a single evening or two seasons of Black Mirror in a weekend is wrong, then we don’t want to be right.

Create a kid-friendly profile

There’s plenty of great child-friendly content on Netflix. There’s also a lot of shows you’d probably rather that your wee ones weren’t exposed to. It’s best then to make sure you’re aware of what content your kids have access to, and the best way to do this is to create a special profile for the little ‘uns.

To do this, tap the More button in the bottom right corner of the homescree, and press Add profile before sliding the optional For Children toggle into the on position. Now you can keep you kids safe from unsavoury sights.

Once you've enhanced your Netflix experience you’ll want to do the same to all content platforms you frequent. Fortunately, you can. Why not start with your YouTube habits…


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