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For almost 40 years, the All Stars Project has worked to connect young people from inner-city communities together with opportunities to grow and develop. Through the Development School for Youth (DSY), young people across the country have met with and learned from business leaders in order to develop the skills they’ll need to succeed in the business world, and put it straight to work after being linked up with summer internships. These paid summer internships have allowed young people to explore and engage in fields and environments they never could have imagined, and allowed our corporate partners to work with young people in a meaningful and impactful way.

And here at the All Stars, we understand development never ends! That’s why the All Stars created Connected Community, as a way to meaningfully connect nearly 5,000 DSY alumni with employment, internship, and networking opportunities with our over 150 corporate partners. Connected Community is a downloadable app for our alumni to use on their phone that will connect them with professional opportunities placed by our corporate partners around the country. This will help our DSY alumni navigate and find amazing opportunities, while helping our corporate partners create a diverse and talented pipeline of possible candidates.

More importantly, Connected Community will be a way for our program alumni and corporate partners to build a community together focused on development and opportunity.


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