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Bridge your crypto and cash.

Nebeus is an app that allows you to borrow, earn, exchange, and purchase insurance for your crypto-assets.

Leverage your crypto to get instant loans in cash or stablecoins customized to your individual needs. Nebeus has one of the highest loan-to-value ratios on the market, going up to 80%, and the lowest interest rate, starting at 0%! You can borrow up to 250,000 and for as long as 36 months. Best of all, your collateral will remain secure and insured up to $100 Million by Lloyd’s of London.


Earn up to 12.85% per year by renting your crypto directly to Nebeus. You’ll even be able to withdraw your earnings as often as once every 24 hours!


Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency at market prices, with zero spread and low fees fixed at 0.35% per trade. You can start buying by making a bank transfer to your Nebeus account or instantly with your bank card.


Keep your crypto assets SAFU by purchasing a $100M insurance policy by Lloyd’s of London and storing your assets in your Nebeus Insured Vault. Your crypto will be protected and insured against third-party hacks, copying, theft, and loss of private keys, and insider theft.


Versión 1.2.2

The usual bug fixes and improvements, but we've also developed a highly requested upgrade to our crypto-renting programs.

• Crypto-Renting Program earning can now be paid out in Stablecoins as well as the usual Euros option.

Happy Crypto-Renting ;)

Privacidad de la app

El desarrollador (Nebeus) indicó que, entre las prácticas de privacidad de la app, pueden incluirse el manejo de datos que se describe a continuación. Para obtener más información, consulta la política de privacidad del desarrollador.

Datos no asociados con tu identidad

Los siguientes datos pueden recopilarse, pero no están asociados con tu identidad:

  • Datos de uso
  • Diagnóstico

Las prácticas de privacidad pueden variar; por ejemplo, según tu edad o las funciones que uses. Más información


  • Compartir en familia

    Hasta seis miembros de una familia podrán usar esta app mientras la función Compartir en familia esté activada.

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