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Autotoll VGo App functions include instant account balance checking, e-Statement, VGoPay instant top-up, practical driving information by VDrive, and VGo EV charging payment service. Earn 1 Autotoll Point for every HK$1 tunnel toll spending by joining Autotoll Membership Programme, and enjoy tunnel toll rebate and Autotoll administration fee rebate by purchasing gasoline or diesel at Caltex service stations with 「Autotoll x Caltex JoyFuel Dollars Program」!


版本 5.3.11

bus fix


1.6 滿分 5 粒星
154 個評分

154 個評分


Slow. Bad UI

The worst UI and UX I have ever seen in my life. The UI is not intuitive to use at all. Navigation is not designed as normally as it should (e.g. Clicking “Back” pushes one more navigation page instead of popping.) Menu show-up is not responsive and appears to be a web request (Menu will not work when network is not available)


Bad in so many ways

First of all, UI appears only in Chinese with no apparent way to switch to English. Speaking of which, the UI easily qualifies as the worst ever, laden with advertisements from the company itself and the worst layout I’ve ever seen bar none. Deserves to be removed from the App Store to avoid further embarrassment. Should get zero stars.



No idea is the app is of any use because it appears in Chinese only. The App Store says it has 3 languages but how do you change the language? Cannot find anything to do so, like a language choice. Tried what looks like settings but same problem

App 私隱

開發者Autotoll Limited並未向 Apple 提供其私隱慣例及資料處理方式的詳細資料。 詳情請參閱開發者的私隱政策


開發者下次提交 App 更新時須提供私隱詳細資料。


  • 家人共享

    設定「家人共享」後,多達六位家庭成員可以使用此 App。