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1. 更多實時交通及公共運輸資訊(包括行車速度、泊位空置及實時到站資訊)
2. 個人化交通及運輸資訊(包括自行設定捷徑,書籤標記常用的公共運輸車站及停車場等);
3. 覆蓋全港18區的步行路線,並提供合適的無障礙步行路線建議;
4. 提供長者模式,令長者更容易取得各種交通及公共運輸資訊。


版本 6.0.17

- 新增衝紅燈及偵速攝影機交通標示地圖位置捷徑
- 新增點到點路線搜尋書籤捷徑
- 附近路線上新增港鐵和輕鐵的到站時間資訊
- 修正已知小問題


2.0 滿分 5 粒星
553 個評分

553 個評分

Super annoyed HP fan

Doesn’t work with dark mode

Have been using this app for quite a while and it’s been working for me, however it becomes inconvenient as it doesn’t fit in dark mode - most of the words (especially the numbers in changing departure time) become invisible under dark mode. Please fix and update.

Typical Pokemon Trainer

Worst than the previous version

This is definitely a step back in terms of improvement.

The previous version looks outdated as the buttons seem humongous, but at least those very buttons were very responsive.

On the flip side, the new version looks nice and sleek with it's small buttons and various layouts and pages. BUT (with a big one)... it is extremely laggy and freezes when you press on buttons that changes the page. And once it does, you need to wait at least 10 seconds for it to load to the next page, just so you can press and wait again, repeat that a few times and you’ll eventually get to you page.. if you get fortunate enough that the app doesn’t reset itself.

And choosing the elderly version won’t help the situation at all. (And the design of this is just plain illogical, how can elderly get used to small buttons with so many changing pages..)

All in all, I used to use this a lot when it’s the old version, it’s as simple as it gets for you to check a wide range of public transportation with quick accurate precision.

But this new one is just terrible and it’s just complicating things instead of simplifying them. Definitely the most un-user friendly HK public transportation search app.

p.s. the only “mobility” part of this HKeMobility app is that you need to move a lot of pages to get to what you need... disappointed...

p.s.2 shouldn’t this app be focusing on user friendly and simplicity?


Inferior and Buggy

It’s definitely the worst public transportation app I have ever used in Hong Kong, and embarrassingly this was developed by the Transport Department. The app is slow and hard to navigate with, the design is ugly and the choice of not using google map but instead of an open map solution is regrettable. This is supposed to an update of an old version! Where is the improvement? Why making it look differently (but not prettier), and not improving the user experience is wasting everyone’s time downloading this app and trying it out. What a waste of taxpayers money.

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