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全新升級版麥當勞App配合5大功能, 全城至抵優惠麥麥放送

- 逢星期一麥麥勁賞送總之$200優惠券,每星期同你慳到盡

- 開啟優惠推送,即時通知第一手至抵優惠

McCafé ® 免費贈飲
- 用App儲分換免費贈飲,比印花卡更方便

- 定期更新獨家麥麥送®優惠,更可於7日前預訂美食送上門

- 詳列各款美食營養標籤,方便計算每日攝取量


版本 4.8.25

全新升級版麥當勞App已經更新咗啦! 全城至扺 $200 優惠券等緊你!


4.1 滿分 5 粒星
1.3万 個評分

1.3万 個評分

John hugua

Functional as it should be.

The app is totally functional considering if you need to avoid long queue on both order counter and kiosk. I cannot believe people giving one star on an app just because it doesn't fulfils a single request, which might violate the business model but not the app itself. For me, I could rely on the app to pre-order food so the moment I go into a store and check-in, my food would start to be prepared. And I don't even need to stand in front of a kiosk. Some people may say it only saves 1min. Have you ever encountered the busy hours at lunch time? The queues are like 15ppl per line and 3-4 per kiosk. Not to mention some elderlies take ages to order one hamburger with a cup of water. Moreover, I am a guy who controls body weight, the app provided enough information for me to know the cals in each food. It would be even better if the information include details, e.g. the cals in the sauce ( because I usually order chicken sub without sauce ). The promotion and stuffs are also bonus for me. 4 stars because I still encounter minor navigation bugs such as missing head bar after selecting restaurant on the map. So yea, this app is useful when you need it, but not a must if you have the choice to order faster.



The UI is ok-designed. I love using this app to place the order (around four until Apr29) and save the time to queue.

I also appreciate the digital receipt that sent to email account, especially when using credit card. I can save the long piece of sheet that recording card information from the cashier.

I understand the check-in procedure is to avoid placing orders on a wrong restaurant. Still, I hope an easier payment method before my arrival to pick up prepared meals.


Horrible app which seriously need to update

Okay. The reason to use this app is to avoid long queue and are in rush. So basically this app is totally opposite of what this app suppose to do. I used the app to preorder my food and I can pay with Alipay so basically I don’t need to queue again I just need to be there and get my food. It sounds great , but the reality is after I pay with Alipay this app ask me to reload again and said I didn’t pay successfully but on the other side Alipay did deduct my money. So the only way to fix is to wait and talk with the cashier. Alright finally chat with the cashier she saw my order somehow and she treat me like I beg for the food or I didn’t pay for the food .. seriously it took longer time then I thought and it’s a lot more trouble. Sorry to say... Great idea but need to update the system better


MHK Restaurants Limited
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