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全香港最受歡迎Call的士app, 港九新界的士一call 即到

- 超過 10,000司機已加入飛的車隊
- 覆蓋市區紅的,新界綠的 隨時隨地打的,叫車,call車
- 的士住返機場,快捷方便
- 完善車隊管理,車費 一目了然
- 比傳統電召的士以及電話的士call台節省一半時間

搭的士梗係快過小巴, 地鐵,van 仔,而且購物商戶不定期提供8折,八五折或9折的優惠, 打的同時專享商戶折扣, 識call一定call飛的!

備註. 此App並非客貨車van程式, 乘客透過app call的, 必須符合香港法例。


版本 4.2.11

Bug fix


4.6 滿分 5 粒星
4,440 則評分

4,440 則評分


Great service but some problem with the canceling function

Very good and responsive application, when you place an order, within a few minutes you get a response. Unfortunately I made a mistake by ordering a taci immediately, when I was needing it later....when I tried to cancel the order, I could not cancel.
Anyway I called the hotline and I succeeded immediately to cancel the order and to book a new taci the for the time I needed it....so far so good, let’s see what happen next.
Taxi driver them call me 2 hours before the departure and finally, 30 minutes before departure was waiting patiently at my address, great service


Thank you for supporting us, we would keep improving our services.


Good service!!!!

I have been using this app around 2 months ... so far they are nicer than I thought, helpful , fast response from the app and willing to serve me no matter what I requested...good team in this app ... I will keeping using it... (twice a week at least)


Can’t get a taxi

Used it for a while and worked great to get to airport. But recently, have needed it for short trips back and forth to hospital. Doesn’t seem to be able to find a Taxi at all for those trips. I thought at first it’s because it was rainy and rush hour, but even without rain or rush hour, couldn’t get a ride.
Also, the cancellation button is just annoying. Why do I need to send an email just to cancel an order? And there is no option to say reason for cancelling is because no taxis available.
Could be a great app, but just doesn’t quite work.
Using HK Taxi now and that seems to find taxis quickly (so far used twice for short trips where flytaxi didn’t work)


"Thank you for your complaint, according to the past 15 million orders,
it is difficult to get driver respond to your orders sometimes, especially in rush hour, but sometimes it just takes 10 seconds to get a response.
If your order remains outstanding for 2 to 3 minutes,
our system would remind you the unfavorable order situation, which also would show the taxi team hotline.
Our taxi team hotline is 24-hour and with a real-time response by our staff,
we would try our best to find you a taxi as soon as possible.
Red taxi 64621105 & 67971623 | Green taxi 65126126
We would work more on improving our service,
we are sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Thank you for your support. "


Tat Man Siu
23.2 MB

需要 iOS 8.0 或以上版本。與 iPhone、iPad 及 iPod touch 相容。



分級為 4+
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