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重點功能簡介 :
1 智能主頁
- 當收藏上車站位於附近時,優先顯示收藏站到站時間。上班時,顯示上班路線到站時間,回家時,顯示回家路線到站時間。
2 顯示行車時間
- 進入「車程」顯示前往各站的預算行車時間。
3 顯示附近到站時間
- 按地圖上的巴士站,顯示該站附近其他路線的到站時間。
4 收藏地方
- 搜尋由當前位置前往收藏地方的路線。
5 收藏上車站
- 直接顯示常用路線的到站時間。
6 智能路線輸入
- 輸入路線時篩選有效號碼及字母。
7 計算八達通轉乘優惠
- 點對點路線搜尋結果中即時計算出八達通轉乘優惠。
8 即時對話
- 以文字方式與服務主任溝通。

備註 : 會增加電池用量


版本 1.7.7

Stability Improvement


1.8 滿分 5 粒星
1万 個評分

1万 個評分


Stop forcing updates

It was once a very joyful experience to use this app, first that the time of arriving buses is pretty accurate, and that it never forces people to update when newer version comes out.
If the older version allows users to continue use the app functions without clashes, why force users to update so hastily?
Solely for the purpose of forcing users to watch the latest ads? That would defeat the original purpose of letting users conveniently get to know the latest arrival buses information.
Now that I have to spend extra data on the streets (I used to update it when I have time and when I have WiFi access) and extra time to download the update. It completely ruins the purpose of and experience in using it. Wake up, KMB, users’ comments are important, stop being so money-driven by only entertaining the ads interest.


Estimate of travel time needs to be corrected

I actually admired their efforts to update their apps and provide new features that’s helpful to travelers, like the estimate time from one stop to another. I would hope they could let me choose the stop which I get on and the stop which I get off and how much time that would take, even I know it’s just an estimate depending on traffic. But some of it obviously is not realistic, like 260x it’s showing 7 mins to get from Jordan Road to Tuen Mun is wildly underestimated.

Plus, of coz the accuracy of bus arrival time and also the ads. problem mentioned by others could be improved. If u have to show ads, please make it less tricky and annoying at least. Or make it smarter to show relevant info instead, after all you got the location info of where the user will go.


Do not update to latest version. It gives you video ads.

When an app like this is so inaccurate you just do not want to use it. You can probably just use it to check routes but real-time bus information is so unreliable.

I can say that one particular route it is incredibly consistent in being inaccurate is 98D. You check the time at home, go to the bus stop thinking you have at least 5 mins buffer it turns out you just see the bus go and you have to wait 12 mins for the next bus. This has happened more than 3 times now. Updated to the latest version which has not improved accuracy at all but has just gifted us with ads, ads and more yay video ads. Terrible that this company forces video ads on us.

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