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Get to grips with your work in more powerful ways with powerful Views, integrated Concept Mapping and Journal. Reduce hassle with automatic References section on Export.

Fast Citing
• Quickly cite books, websites, youtube videos and academic documents
• Copy a DOI and paste it to get a full citation to quickly cite academic papers

Option to automatically include on export:
• Table of Contents
• Numbered Headings
• References/Bibliography*
Formatting of citations
• Author supports export with citations in the body text as (author, date), superscript number or in regular or hard brackets. Hard brackets, like this[1] allows those who read your document in ‘Reader’ to click on that number to bring up the full References information.
• The automatically created Reference section can be listed by occurrence or alphabetically.

Advanced Views
• Concept Map: Think freely without being constrained by the traditional columns of text.
• Magic Margins: Double-click in the margin, in full screen mode, to write or post a note which only appears on mouse-over.
• Instant Outline: Pinch on your trackpad to fold the text to see just the headings. Pinch further in or out to see more or less headings
• Advanced Find: If you only want to see sentences with a specific keyword, select the keyword cmd-f to hide all the sentences which do not have the keyword will be hidden. Click on a sentence to jump to it, cmd-f again or ESC to return to the regular view

• Everything you Cut (but not Copied) is remembered by Author. cmd-shift-V to see what you have Cut and choose what to paste/

• Instant access to Journal through cmd-J

Modern & Minimalist
• Reduces eye strain and supports native macOS Dark Mode.
• ESC to go into and out of full screen. It seems like a detail but is very helpful when going between focused writing and interacting with many documents.
• Time Machine integration for continuous backups with versions on Save.

An Augmented Text Tool
• Integrated with Reader (free PDF reader): Provides instant citations through simply copying and pasting text using the Visual-Meta method as described at
• Integrated with Liquid (free text tool): Provides hundreds of commands in less than one second on any selected text.

*= Please note that the export labels (‘References’ etc.) are only localised to Chinese (traditional and simplified), Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. If you have further requirements, please get in touch.


版本 8.5.1

Improved support for older versions of macOS.

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