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AutoFXD is a free iOS app that serves as a tool for automobile DIYers to write and share their do-it-yourself tips on anything automotive. A knowledge base for every car, truck, jeep or motorbike enthusiast, the guides in AutoFXD are written with easy to follow instructions, illustrative images, and helpful voice-overs. Join AutoFXD’s community and share your how-to guides today!

How does it work? If you have a knack for changing paint on your car, or maybe installing new mirrors on your 4WD, and you feel like sharing it to the world, then AutoFXD is the best tool for you! Using AutoFXD’s intuitive, step-by-step guide making interface, you can capture photos of your tools, parts, vehicle, and share them using slideshows guided by your own voice.

Whether you want to create a guide or browse guides, AutoFXD makes it easy for you!


版本 1.4.4

We have resolved some bugs our users have reported. Thank you for your implication!

- More stable Facebook Login.
- Guide steps now in correct order.
- Autoplaying the next step is now smoother.
- Fixed a crash

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開發者US Auto Parts Network, Inc.並未向 Apple 提供其私隱慣例及資料處理方式的詳細資料。詳情請參閱開發者的私隱政策


開發者下次提交 App 更新時須提供私隱詳細資料。


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