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BEA App 提供全面理財服務及多項創新功能,為生活理財帶來全新體驗。

生活:「i-Planner」 - 結合生活及理財、「分分獎賞集」- 信用卡獎分換領平台
銀行服務: 全方位流動理財服務、「i-P2P」手機夾錢和最新理財、貸款及信用卡優惠
財富管理: 基金、黃金買賣、外幣現鈔/電匯兌換率及貸款利率
網上申請: 即時申請信用卡、個人貸款並遞交文件

The BEA App offers an all-round banking service with a host of innovative features, bringing you a new banking and lifestyle experience.

Lifestyle: “i-Planner” – integrates daily living needs with financial transactions, “Bonus Gallery” – Credit card rewards platform
Banking: All-round mobile banking services, “i-P2P” money transfer service, and the latest finance, loan, and credit card offers
Wealth: Funds, gold trading, currency exchange rates, T/T exchange rates, and loans
Online application: Submit your application documents instantly for a credit card or consumer loan

Issued by The Bank of East Asia, Limited


版本 5.5.1

The BEA App can only be used on devices with iOS version 10 or above.


1.7 滿分 5 粒星
993 則評分

993 則評分


Stop updating the app every 10 seconds

It stops any further action when the app need to be updated which happened literally every single time I tried to use the app. This is really annoying when I’m trying to do something urgent. Plus, I don’t really see that much of a change after every updates. I do understand the need for update but it would be great if I could still use the app even thou it might not be the latest version.


It’s useful but somehow stupid

I mean it’s good that it allows me to check my balance and transfer money but there are many drawbacks
1. Stop telling me to update... whenever I want to do something immediately the update just bloody stops me from any further action apart from clicking into the app and telling me to update... I mean there’s not much difference after updating anyway so why don’t you let me do my stuff first!
2. I cannot check my e-statements. Sometime I want to get the address from the e-statement for a proof to apply for other stuff and this app just doesn’t have the function to do it in an instant. It’s super inconvenient to log in again in computer to open it!
3. Sometimes after update it just requires me to fill in all my stuff again and it’s super annoying but ... security right ?
4. It doesn’t really have any notifications when your account has any movements or your credit card is being spent... I mean you have to actively check it to see the activity...( unless I stupidly turned off the notification)


Great 👍 service!!!

I’ve been with HSBC Primer for the past 30 years, I was so very disappointed with their service, keep deprecating abysmally!!!

They’re not helpful, not friendly, long waits, branches are getting less...,

Recently I remortgaging 4 of my properties to BEA, oh my god!!! I don’t believe:

-their products are excellent, fantastic rates
- their people are friendly and helpful! There were one time I wrote a check but forgotten to transfer money 💰, they bothered to call me to make the transfer AND WAIVED THE PENALTY! I was really impressed! Cause none of the other banks I’m with have this kind of service, they just bounced your check and happily CHARGED YOU!
- I don’t even have to put a large sum of money to enjoy the VIP TREATMENT!!!
-consider the size, their branches can easily be found, no endless waiting, service are smooth!

I’m so grateful that I’ve found this bank! Just LOVE 💕 IT!!!!!


The Bank of East Asia, Limited
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需要 iOS 10.0 或以上版本。與 iPhone、iPad 及 iPod touch 相容。



分級為 4+
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