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It's a game you can play with anyone. It'll be exciting to decide on the rules!

This is a Crocodile Dentist (Random Choice) Roulette game featuring a terrifying crocodile. It's a crocodile roulette game that you can play with your friends/lovers/coworkers.
It'll be really exciting to decide on the rules, like ""Loser has to buy lunch!""
Add a little fun to your daily life with a Crocodile Roulette.
This simple app is an almost exact copy of the toy crocodile roulette board game.

Warning - It's not fun to play alone!

The rules are simple.
1. Decide on penalties or types with your friends.
2. Take turns pressing the teeth of the crocodile.
4. If you press your teeth and the crocodile shuts its mouth! Then that person has to take the penalty.
(The position of the teeth varies with each game.)

Just have fun with your friends.
Now, try your luck!


版本 1.59

- Minor issue fix


3.7 滿分 5 粒星
3 個評分

3 個評分

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