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Get this free ground-breaking CROMOCON LRV METER APP (PICO) onto your smartphone now to run the CROMOCON LRV METER!
Pair your charged meter with this APP, then measure the LRV of materials instantly. Light Reflectance Values (LRV) are needed by access consultants, manufacturers, design and construction industries around the world.

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) measurement of a material surface is on a scale from 0% BLACK to 100% for WHITE. If a material is measured 9 times then averaged the LRV number may be referenced to your BS 8493. The meter can auto-average for you.

It’s quick and easy:
- Displays the measurement fast
- Measures the material surface in seconds
- Used by building materials and product designers, and architects
- Check LRV specifications!
- Is a unique ‘must-have’ for all construction professionals


This CROMOCON LRV METER APP runs the CROMOCON LRV METER. It provides the LRV measurements used to calculate the CONTRAST between two adjacent surfaces - like paving and a wall, or a wall and a door for example; so visually impaired people can experience environments safely. CONTRAST ensures that an object, element, or text in signage for example is VISIBLE or NOT VISIBLE to 93% of visually impaired people (VIP).


Allows the phone user auto-renewals when alerted to upgrades. Meter users get assistance measuring with the meter.


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