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A mobile app that connects parents with schools. It also enables parents to support their children more effectively.

Support your children:
- eLearning Timetable: assist your children in keeping up with their study plan
- eHomework: know your children's learning progress from daily homework
- eLibrary plus: reserve interesting books for young children
- eAttendance: get noted when your children arrive or leave school safely
- eEnrolment: register your children in their favorable activities
- iPortfolio: support your children to enrich their student profile

Parent-school communication:
- eNotice: receive and sign school notices
- ePayment: settle payments required by the school
- Apply for leave: submit leave applications
- Group message: message and chat with teachers
- iMail: access your school email
- School calendar: view school calendar
- Digital Channels: browse the photos or videos shared by school
- ePOS: purchase products provided by school

* The features mentioned above are dependent on the school’s subscription plans.
** Parents will need to have the parent login account assigned by their children’s school before they can use this eClass Parent App. Parents can reconfirm their access right with the school for any login issues.

Support email : apps@broadlearning.com


版本 1.67.2

Minor enhancements


3.1 滿分 5 粒星
1,067 個評分

1,067 個評分


Mute group message function

Could you consider to improve some function such as mute group function? Sometimes the message pop up on my phone is quite annoying and disturbing while I am doing something importance.


Thanks for your comment and we'll study what suits the users best. Please stay with us for the latest updates. In the meantime, in case you are not aware, you may mute the notification and also disable the message badges through the App notification setting on your phone.


This is very convenient

Very easy to find what you want but sometimes the page will load very slowly


Support iPad layout

Please provide support to iPad layout, it is very inconvenient cannot use horizon full screen , also please have check box home work button to mark done, thanks

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  • 家人共享

    設定「家人共享」後,多達六位家庭成員可以使用此 App。