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The Darts Factory Limited

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    • 2.1 • 13 個評分
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GUZ WORLD is a dart game app by The Darts Factory, this app connects with Guz Electronic Dartboard. For more information please visit our Guz Dartboard collection

1- Target Train: The goal is simply picking a target to hit it as much as possible. The player or team who hits the specified number of times, or the most hits will be the winner of the game.

2- 01: Aim for 0! 301, 501, 701, 901, 1101, 1501. You can have the double or master IN/OUT options

3- Cricket: There are 4 modes option available - Normal, all, random, and hidden cricket mode.

4- Count Up: Aim for the highest score possible!

5- Booster: Every score you make will be multiplied by a multiplier before adding it to you or your team's total score, so plan carefully and aim for the highest possible score!

6- Half-It: Every round has a pre-determined score segment, so if you are not able to achieve the mark requirement for the score segment of that round, the score will be deducted in half!

7- Battleship: Your objective is to discover enemy ships and sink them. Each round you will have 3 throws to find and attack enemy ships, the player can obtain the scores by hitting the single bull or double bull. Any player who can sink all of the opponent's ships will become the winner of the battle.

8- Guzy Party: This party game is perfect for anyone anywhere anytime!!! There are 10 special rules (e.g. Truth or Dare, Swap Scores) randomly picked, and attached to score segments at each round.

9- Training Camp: Provide a new experience to the user to practice his/her dart skill.

Play with GUZ WORLD on your mobile, more hot games will be updated! Stay tuned with us!

*** FEATURES ***
- Support Languages: English, Traditional Chinese
- Facebook Connect
- Player Profile
- Change Theme
- Match Game
- Local / Online Play (Up to 8 players)
- In-game Text Chat
- In-app Purchase
- Achievements


版本 2.1.2

Minor bug fix.


2.1 滿分 5 粒星
13 個評分

13 個評分


Not good for charging the game

Cannot connect to board


We are sorry to hear that.
Could you provide more details please? For example the procedures, etc.


Too many bugs

New Version play Halt-It will half opponents when missed; Reverse is not funtion too.
The new GUI is ugly than before;
_bluetooth Interface connected appear on the screen...etc, pls help fix it. It is the worst update indeed!


We are sorry about your bad user experience.
A new version is going online, which will fix most of the bugs you have mentioned.
Sorry again.




App 私隱

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開發者下次提交 App 更新時須提供私隱詳細資料。


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