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為優化服務供應者(客戶/專家)的使用體驗,我們推出專家/商戶專用 App — HelloToby Pro,讓專家能在個人後台更方便地進行報價、接單、及管理訂單。

HelloToby每日有數以千計的客戶尋找服務,包括Party Room、補習、美容、攝影師、寫App等。專家可以通過我們輕鬆搵工、求職(兼職、Freelance)。


- 接觸全港超過100,000位客戶。
- 檢視客戶需求。
- 隨時隨地輕鬆接單。 (專家)
- 以低廉報價費聯繫客人,絕不收取佣金。(專家)
- 專業客戶服務支援。
- 專業評價系統。



版本 2.6.0

Performance Update


4.0 滿分 5 粒星
586 個評分

586 個評分

Hei nic

Not much has changed, apart from the icon and the division of vendors from clients

The app is still not running smoothly at times as the older version. Some of my students have told me leaving a feedback to me is even more inconvenient.

As some other users commented, there were spam requests, which we service providers fail to contact. I understand this is not the fault of your company, but could there be some sort of refund in case this happens?

Despite these issues, I do appreciate the efficiency and courtesy your staff have provided.


Thank you for your opinion. If you find any spam requests on our platform, kindly send the information to prosupport@hellotoby.com, including the request id, consumers' contact number or any supporting document, fro us to investigate the possibility of refund on your cases.

Ph kidult

Getting started - Soar with Phoenix

A rather easy to use platform matching students & teachers as well as clients & services providers. I’ve got a few referral within the first 2 days of signing up. I’ve an issue about what has shown on my profile Soar with Phoenix and the team gets back to me promptly, promising me that they’re going to look into the matter and apologising for the inconvenience caused. I appreciate their quick response. I look forward to having my first & more students on this platform. Thanks a lot.


Nice platform

A very nice platform which allows both teachers and students to get what they need. The application is very user-friendly and well-designed, as functions and things are well-labelled. Even those who are not good at technology can follow the instructions and do what they want to do without difficulties. Apart from that, the company behind the application also has to very good customer service and technical support team which helps the users in need with efficiency. Appreciate that.

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