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Workout and relax with the World’s First AI-assisted Earphones for Working Parents – Hera Leto TWO, Hera Leto helps you detect HRV & manage your health anytime/ anywhere with AI-assisted Power Walk & Mindfulness programs.

Top Highlights

· Get motivated and reach your fitness goals without pressure

· Track mental wellness trends and visualize the data

· Personalized health data feedback

· Syncs heart rate data with Bluetooth

You don't have to run to reduce weight:

The built-in 20 minutes Power Walk Program uses A.I. to coach you on your walking speed intensity and help you burn up to 100 calories safely, which is about the calories of a Starbucks Short Latte.

Keeping up with mental wellness:

Using the Mindfulness Program, with your eyes closed and focused on each breath you take, the A.I automatically learns your music preference and helps you get into the mindfulness zone, thus achieving relaxation.

Compatible with your local music library, Spotify playlists and InApp music bundle

Busy parents, especially working mothers, often find it hard to juggle their own needs and their families’ needs with their work demands. Many care about their fitness and health but do not have sufficient time for extra gym sessions.

The Hera Leto app and earphones with SmartBody Sensing technology to detect heart rates, heart rate variability (HRV), and respiration rate, aim to help one effectively manage health anytime and anywhere with the 20mins AI-assisted Power Walk Program for fat burning and 20mins AI-assisted Relaxation Program. The AI can “learn” from your local music library, Spotify playlists, and the InApp music bundle. The app integrates seamlessly with Apple Health App(HealthKit) to provide a holistic view of your overall health. Apple HealthKit to fetch the basic health profile details such as height and weight to calculate and present the respiratory rate in the user interface and push the health data that is collected by our Hera Leto proprietary device to Apple Health App(HealthKit) for keeping user's health data upto date.

Wondering how Hera Leto has improved your cardiac wellness when you regularly take the 20mins Relaxation program? You can view your relaxation history with detailed statistics and explanation in “Relaxation History”.

If you don’t yet possess a Hera Leto TWO, you could still experience our app first with your own heart rate sensing devices, including but not limited to earbuds, wristband, or even chest belt, but we recommend using Hera Leto TWO to get the most out of our AI-DJ!

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*Please consult your doctor before engaging in any physical activities. The design purpose of the Hera Leto app and earphones is not for the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of any disease or medical condition. Please do not use them for medical purposes. For more information, please read the disclaimer in the app.


版本 2.0

- Bugs fixed


5.0 滿分 5 粒星
3 個評分

3 個評分


Working well!

I love the beautifully designed App user interface! My music collection is presented visually, the Album arts are displayed the songs are analysed and labelled with tempo and mood! Hera Leto ONE earphones worked smoothly with the App. I like the voice prompt for Powerwalk function and being able to quantify my stress level and enjoy music selected by the AI-DJ for relaxation.

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