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Many people regard Hong Kong as a ‘concrete jungle’. But that is a wrong impression! More than 40% of the total land area has been set aside in 24 Country Parks.

Hong Kong is a delight for hikers. From strolls to challenging hikes to heights of almost 1000 metres you can find anything here.

This app introduces the most common hikes on Hong Kong, country trails on Lantau Island, in the New Territories and on the Outlying Islands.

For each hike you can find route locations, route maps and elevation profiles.

You can always search for different grades as well as for different regions.

The app describes every route, including its length, hiking time, level of difficulty and gives the emergency hotlines of every country park.
Detailed information of public transport from and to Central is given for every hike.

A helpful detail: you do not need to be online during a hike!
But you can when using the Locate Me button to see where you are.


版本 2.6

Updates of transportations and new trails added.


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1 則評分

1 則評分

Simon Kwong

informative apps

1. please add Chinese names
2. please add offline maps
3. please locate my location and assist navigation during on hiking.


HK hiker

Disappointing and expensive

I found this app extremely disappointing and very expensive for the limited information it provides, especially when compared with what other apps at this same price point provide. It lists only a very brief description of each stage. The direction to the start of each section are so minimal that one would need to use google maps to find the points mentioned. It would be helpful to have more detailed descriptions in this section such as 'alight at the second bus stop on XX rd just after the round about and walk 50 meters ahead to find the start of the trail on the left side of the road'.
The maps are also very basic, without the necessary landmarks or contour lines to make them useful. When pressing the 'Locate me' button one would expect to see where on the trail you are but instead you are linked directly to google maps where many of the trails are not marked at all so you have no visual indication of how far along the trail you are.
I could go on but instead I'll recommend a free app called "Enjoy Hiking" created by the HK government which is far more useful for people wishing to get out and enjoy hiking in this fantastic city.


Christl Truebenbach
64.2 MB

須使用 iOS 8.0 或以上版本。兼容 iPhone、iPad、iPod touch。



HK$ 38.00


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