Hong Kong Taxi Cards 4+


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"Travel Tools" for Hong Kong! The translator can speak in Cantonese!

With over 9,000 Hong Kong addresses translated into written Chinese, phonetic Cantonese, equipped with function to request for additional addresses and get feedback very quickly, this is not an ordinary dictionary type translator app.

If you are non-Cantonese speaking visitor or resident to Hong Kong, this app will definitely helps, especially when you need to take taxi.

* Pronounce addresses in Cantonese
* Search, browse addresses by categories
* Show flashcard for drivers
* request for additional addresses translation
* Quick feedback on requests
* Learn Cantonese addresses by phonetic Cantonese
* Bookmark addresses
* Send addresses as email, whatsapp
* Support offline usage
* more than 9,000 addresses
* Accurate translation (reviewed by Hong Kong locals)

This app is designed as a platform to provide addresses translation in a collaborative way. Users are expected to enjoy comprehensive database, and able to request and contribute to the database.

For whose who have tried the request function, we believed you truly understanding what this app could uniquely provide to you. You just don't have to worry about the database coverage.

[ === About This App === ]

- comprehensive & dynamic database
- request function with quick feedback
- let your iphone speak cantonese
- accurate translation

[ ==== Functions in details ===== ]

* Address Translation
This app translates address into Chinese and phonetic Cantonese. Just show the Chinese flash card to taxi drivers, it solves the language problem.

* Request Additional Address Function
Do not find the address you look for ? Easy, use the 'request for translation' function. Just submit your request, we are happy to add it for you very quickly ( within a day normally ) . More importantly, the updates could be retrieved by a single click by the updates button.

Also, you could report error on address, and we would correct the data.

* One Click Updates
Whenever you start the app, it will automatically check for new address updates from our servers. Just one single click could keep your database up-to-date.

* Share to email or whatsapp
You could send the address to your friend by the "share to" function

* Offline Usage
This app could works offline except the first-time data install and the map function.

[ === About Translation Request Status === ]

After you made a request, you could click on the 'Request' button again to check the status.

It would show the request status, e.g.
"Added. Please check the updates button ( shown an icon on it - "NEW" )."

After you click the updates button, the requested address would automatically update onto your database.


版本 3.2

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Data download bug fix


4.2 滿分 5 粒星
40 個評分

40 個評分


Good App

Impressive translation service, sent the request this morning and got it at noon. Most places i would go are covered. Really worth more than 0.99. One more, I like the speech function, if could use a male voice, i would give 5 stars.


Still doesn’t work

Downloaded this app months ago and it never worked. Just kept showing loading option.
Thought the recent data download bug was fixed but still same. Keeps showing 2. Unzipping file forever. Super disappointed with this paid app.


Send us an email for your case, e.g. what is your iphone model and ios version. We will try to solve your problem. The app review does not serve a support purpose. Or you could apply a refund from apple if you have no time to figure.


Not iOS 11 compatible!

Don’t download, freezes immediately and can’t be used, waste of $15. Tested on iPad Pro2 and iPhone 6, on launching app loads a spinning wheel which can’t be interrupted and freezes all functions. Restart does not work, neither does deleting and re-installing the app.


Firstly, the app is working well as we are translating users requested addresses everyday.
The spinning icons indicate the app in the stage of downloading data. Please try using another wifi networks to install the app, your network may block the server address. If you still encounter the issue, please send an email to techmaxapp@techmaxapp.com . Or you could apply a refund from Apple.

App 私隱

開發者TechmaxApp並未向 Apple 提供其私隱慣例及資料處理方式的詳細資料。


開發者下次提交 App 更新時須提供私隱詳細資料。


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