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O! ePay已變為八達通銀包,配合全新主頁版面,清晰劃分八達通卡及銀包功能,讓你輕易找到所需服務。


八達通卡服務 – 配合你交通及零售消費所需

- 於iPhone或Apple Watch加入八達通及為其增值
只需幾個簡單步驟便可於iPhone或Apple Watch加入八達通。你更可隨時隨地以八達通銀包結餘、銀行轉數快或Apple Pay為其增值。以Apple Pay內你常用的信用卡或扣賬/ATM卡增值更毋須手續費;
- 為自己及親友增值八達通卡,無須接觸現金;
- 輕鬆地查詢及領取公共交通費用補貼,及購買港鐵、九巴及新渡輪月票;
- 隨時查閱你的八達通餘額及消費紀錄,助你輕鬆管理日常開支。

八達通銀包服務 – 管理你的日常生活開支

- 由銀行戶口轉錢入銀包
設立電子直接付款授權(Electronic Direct Debit Authorisation),讓你可以經轉數快即時從銀行戶口轉錢入銀包作日常消費;
- 即時申請八達通Mastercard,預付模式,安全可靠,安心於全球任何接受Mastercard付款的網站購物;
- 輕鬆付款至收款人的八達通銀包、八達通卡或銀行戶口(透過轉數快);
- 用八達通消費,盡享大眾化商戶的優惠及獎賞。


牌照號碼: SVF0001


版本 7.3.0



4.5 滿分 5 粒星
7.3万 個評分

7.3万 個評分


Please improve stability and reliability

I once bought hamburger with this. It didn't work. I kept trying and the queue was waiting for me to finish. And I finally succeeded. So embarrassing.

The second big problem is that the balance didn't update immediately after I made a payment. This is annoying. I can't keep track of the balance. This can be embarrassing too when I buy something and there is no deposit left.


Thank you for your feedback. We will investigate and make improvement.
For the balance doesn't update sometimes, we are aware of the situation and while we are investigating the issue with Apple Team, please try to reboot your iPhone to update the balance. Thanks.

Reverse this please!


Hi, developers,
I woke up to the notification of my phone settings asking me to finish setting up Apple Pay. Since it has been going on for years, I thought I could maybe set up my Octopus. When it said to place my phone on top of my octopus card, I saw a line of text saying after scanning and transferring, I won’t be able to use my plastic octopus card since it’s invalid. I thought it meant temporarily until I finished the scan and it said I could now discard my plastic octopus card now. I freaked out. I thought it was like a thing when you can use octopus from your phone AND the card at the same time, in case you forgot to bring your actual wallet or something.
After this I was extremely devastated. I don’t know how to tell my parents about it, I didn’t even try to read and learn how to make a purchase using the app. I just want to reverse this process. Is it possible? Or my card will be forever trapped because of some dumb settings notification rushing to finish setting up a virtual wallet?


Hello, thanks for reaching out. The original physical Octopus card will be disabled after it is transferred to iPhone Apple Pay, and cannot be used again. This process is irreversible. If you need further assistance, please contact our Octopus Customer Service Hotline 2266 2222. After you have selected the language, press 4,3,0 continuously to contact our staff. The manned service hours of the hotline are Mondays to Fridays, 9 am to 9 pm; Saturdays, 9 am to 6 pm. Thank you.


Problem I meet

Thought it convinced me a lot, it seems like there are problems. I use the app to pay product in game, it reject the payment at first and due to not enough money. But I the amount of money inside the app should be enough to pay. I check it and I found that the payment amount is doubled. I didn’t know why the payment amount will be doubled. Just a minute later it accept the payment suddenly. But the main point is that I didn’t get my product in game. What wrong with it? I lost my money and didn’t get the product.
Also, the app cant no update immediately sometimes. I use it to pay, but it didn’t reduce the amount of money. The app get updated of my amount of money when I pay other payment.


Please call our Customer Service Hotline 22662222, after language selection, press 1, 2, 0 to reach our Customer Service Representative. Our service hours is Mondays to Fridays, 9 am to 9 pm; Saturdays, 9 am to 6 pm.

App 私隱

開發者Octopus Cards指出 App 的私隱慣例或包括下列資料的處理。 詳情請參閱開發者的私隱政策



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