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Send money 24/7 for cash pickup in over 200 countries and territories, or to international bank accounts in more than 70 countries for a $0 fee when paying with Tap & Go (Mobile App) or WUPay. (FX gains apply.)

Download and register for an online profile so you can enjoy these perks:

Money transfers from home.
No long queues, no need to head out. Send money from Hong Kong anytime to almost anywhere around the world.

Payout options.
We transact in nearly 130 currencies. Send to international bank accounts or for cash pickup at any of our agent locations. Just make sure to check the online agent locator for country and agent location availability.

Payment options.
You can pay with your credit card, Tap& Go (App) or WUPay.

Peace of mind.
With a few taps, you can instantly check fees and exchange rates, track your transfer status, and get in touch with our customer service team for any questions or concerns.

When registering, here are a few things to keep in mind:
-Open the app and sign up for a profile. Fill out all the necessary details on the online form.
-You can wire transfer up to HKD7500 without providing ID to verify your profile
-If you send more than HKD7500 you will be asked to upload the front and back of a valid passport to Hong Kong ID or government issued documents. This is one time and on your first transfer only. Your account will be verified before you can start to send transfers. For select countries you can send up to HKD 392,000 when you send to accounts and pay with WUpay

Once verified, you’re ready to send money with our app:
-Log in to your profile and start your transfer.
-Select which country you want to send money to from Hong Kong
-Input the amount to be sent.
-Choose how you want the money transfer to be received and how you want to pay for the transfer.
-Check your transfer details before hitting send. That’s it!

For more information, visit WU.com

Download the Western Union® app and register today.


版本 3.0

Thanks for your feedback. We’ve listened and made improvements to the WU app.

What’s new:
- Bug fixes


4.3 滿分 5 粒星
654 個評分

654 個評分


Improving and Getting Better

I see a lot of improvements in the App now.

While it has to improve further but Happy to see it being more customer friendly now.
The Rates are also Good!


Need more improvements

My transaction got rejected and the money cannot return back to my original source. May I suggest adding a cash balance in this app? If a transfer failed, then WU return the money to the cash balance so we can create a new MTN using the same money. Also, clients can make deposits to and withdrawls from WU cash balance at offline locations or thru Tap&Go. Clients can submit electronic request to withdraw money in the app and go offline to collect it. This will turn WU app into something like Paypal but it’s for transferring funds.



It's my first time using this app. I transferred money using online banking. There's no confirmation if they have received the money or whatsoever. I mean if you go to an agent it only takes a few minutes then the money will be available but the online one? It's been 6 hrs now and still didn't get confirmation. I mean I thought that it's easier as I don't have to travel to send money but man not advisable if your family is expecting your money on the same day.

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