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*將相片和影片新增至 24 小時後會消失的限時動態,並透過有趣的創意工具讓畫面更顯活潑。
*透過 Messenger 向朋友傳送訊息。分享您在動態消息和限時動態中看到的內容並互相聯繫。
*使用 Reels 在 Instagram 上製作和探索簡短有趣的影片。


*瀏覽 IGTV,觀看來自您喜愛創作者的長篇影片。
您的國家或地區目前可能無法使用部分 Instagram 功能。


版本 184.0



4.6 滿分 5 粒星
26.4万 個評分

26.4万 個評分


Disappointed to not seeing others’ post “like” number

Seeing the others’ post “like” number is definitely important to help determine the trend and fashion of the current period all over the world. Hiding the “like” number makes this difficult to determine whether the post is trust worthy to take reference. I know the primary idea for instagram is for sharing own feelings or life but the platform has evolved into a much complex and charming sharing place for family, friends and friends over the world to feel what you feel. So I think the “like” should display out like before to keep brighten our lives with this little joy.


Highlighting some small bugs, thanks!

- Sometimes after Editing photos via IG app, the reach is substantially reduce me afterwards. Trick is to save it as Draft then upload.
- 2nd related problem is, sometimes the Drafts wouldn’t upload. So we have to retype the whole thing and this is basically getting a bit tiring *yawn!
- Check in locations are a mess after implementing Facebook as a sign in. Before FourSquare managed it much more better and clean. Nowadays using Facebook check-in, one certain location could have like 10 diff check ins online. Thx for listening! It’s not clean anymore especially when people just keep add in repeated addresses via Facebook side, when there are already existing records - just that IG doesn’t load the same places up as on Facebook. If that makes sense

Gabrielle Amaryllis

A disappointment.

For a widely-used photo sharing platform, Instagram is almost repulsively low in quality.
1. The app greatly lowers the quality of photos posted, and worse, sometimes even distorts the dimensions and lines of the photos. This is unforgivable for an app whose main function is to share photos. How laughable is it when the photos shared through Instagram no longer resemble the ones originally designed by the creator?
2. The app has many bugs and constantly crashes. Yet somehow, the app team still has the liberty to fiddle around with unimportant aspects of its design and algorithm, despite the many system failures that ought to be fixed.
Instagram is a very popular and intuitive photo-sharing platform with its own undeniable strengths, but its fundamental and disappointing weaknesses leave users annoyed. Please improve yourselves. Thank you for your time.

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