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jobsDB 是在亞洲具有領導地位的招聘求職平台,業務遍及香港、印尼和泰國。網站每月提供超過 12 萬個職位空缺,協助求職者尋找最佳工作機會。


• 搜尋關鍵字詞及工種
• 以工種、工作地點及薪酬水平進行篩選
• 可一次過選取多個工作地點及工種進行搜尋
• 檢視最近的搜尋記錄

• 輕鬆上載履歷表,即時申請工作
• 輸入個人化訊息,爭取僱主注意
• 加入期望薪酬

• 輸入工作經驗、學歷、語言、技能、專業資格

Job Alert(好工提示)
• 快速瀏覽好工提示

Personalised feed(最新推介)
• 收取為你度身訂造的最新職位推介
• 資訊將根據你使用app的習慣而更趨個人化

Saved jobs(已儲存空缺)
• 全新導航列,更快儲存和檢閱職位空缺



版本 5.4.9

Thank you for using the New JobsDB Mobile App! This app update fixes bugs, improves performance, and brings various enhancements.

We’re listening & committed in making your experience much better. Email us at mobile@seekasia.com, your feedback will help us make a better product.


4.6 滿分 5 粒星
1万 個評分

1万 個評分


Friendly design, much easier to use

The new app is much better. Easier to use, can quickly save jobs and access later. Even easier to view my application history.


Hi cytlai,
We're glad to hear the app works better for you! Is there anything that we can improve in the app? Do send us an email at mobile@seekasia.com if you have any suggestions.


seems like a downgrade for this update

I see you have removed many features to make the app user-friendly or less complex, but this is too “simple”:
1. The viewed JDs do not change to purple colour anymore, I can’t remember where I looked at when I opened the app last time!
2. The “recent searches” only remembers the last 3 search criteria that I made. But there are lots of empty spaces in this page. Couldn’t you make use of the space by showing more past searches?
3. The worst thing is that the job search is now only either “job name/ company”, “job functions”, and the filter only has “salary” and “location”. This is a downgrade. Sometimes salary and location may not be key attributes to job seekers, and for employers they often not specifying salary and location. Also, people use multiple criteria in advanced search like “job level (entry/middle/senior)”, “mode (PT/FT/temp)”, and the most important “job industry”. Where are they?
4. should be make some options (settings) on the UI. For example, using iPhone 4.7-inches resolution, I can only view 2 jobs at a time. Can I hide some job details but see more job results in return?


Hi tho12mas, thank you for your valuable feedback and we're sorry you're having issues with our app. (1) We recently released v3.0.2 to the App Store that should fix this issue. Please update the app and try again. Do log in or sign up however for a better experience. (2) Are you searching for very different search criteria many times? We would like to know how the recent search function working to you currently and avoid too many duplicated recent search histories. (3) We are planning to improve our search feature and we'll be adding more filter soon, including career level, industry etc. (4) We are sorry that the UI is not optimised for 4.7-inches iPhone at the moment. Please feedback us at mobile@seekasia.com so that we can help you directly.


Great update but can be better

Glad to have better resolution and layout now but job search can only be filtered by salary and location. Other options, including career level and employment type, are not included.

I also can’t attach my cover letter when I apply for jobs on the mobile app. It would be great if you can fix these. Thanks!


Hi there,

Thank you for your comments! We are constantly looking for ways to improve the app experience for you. As we are looking into other filter options like the ones you mentioned, it would be great if you could leave us your feedback at mobile@seekasia.com.

Regarding the cover letter issue, have you tried using the resumé uploader when you apply for a job?

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