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全新KFC App 結合自助點餐功能,慳時間免排隊,隨時落單,就係咁易!立即下載,率先體驗!


手機掃瞄 QR Code ,選擇分店,即時點餐免排隊




$1 = 1分,儲分換禮品


1) 會員登入/ 非會員點餐
2) 選擇分店開始點餐
3) 結帳並選擇堂食或外賣
4) 留意訂單編號取餐


版本 1.1.7



1.4 滿分 5 粒星
761 個評分

761 個評分

circl user

Order tracking and account management

The order placing and the option between delivery or self pick up needs to be clearer.

Order tracking only shows what orders have been accepted but you cannot track the status of open orders. How is the customer supposed to know what is happening - the order service helpline is not the best solution. Fix the status tracking of open orders.

No matter how many times you try to remove old addresses it won’t and despite changing the preferred address it still reverts to previous addresses


Can never get order number

Ever since the update, the app either showed network unstable while my mobile data is working perfectly, or after payment when my credit card/alipay was deducted, it showed error when loading the order number. With no order number, I have to show the cashier loads of app/payment record to confirm that I have made the payment and the corresponding order. Please understand everyone is in a rush in the morning!! Fix it!!!


No ways to find my password

I lost my password and I have try every email I had but it showing no this email! I have try ALL my email!
I trying to register a new account, but the system don’t allow because I have registered the same telephone number before. The system showing that they can send a sms to my telephone number to reset the password but I press every button within the system and I can’t find out any one way to reset/find my password!!!

App 私隱

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  • 家人共享

    設定「家人共享」後,多達六位家庭成員可以使用此 App。