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Lee Gardens – Heartbeat of Hong Kong
A Rendezvous with Shopping Heaven.

The upgraded Lee Gardens App has officially launched. Members who spend in the Lee Gardens Area can now earn membership points for redemption of an array of rewards and offers, enjoying additional high-quality year-round services.

Apart from the existing eCoupon system, members are able to use the updated mobile app to directly interact with restaurants in the Lee Gardens Area. The all-in-one app will offer a comprehensive dining experience, with functions ranging from restaurant searches and making reservations to ordering, takeaway, payment and reward points management.

Other functions including ePayment system and Touchless Carpark will be introduced soon. Stay tuned for more functions in the future!

Hysan’s portfolio: Hysan Place, Lee Garden One, Lee Garden Two, Lee Garden Three, Lee Garden Five, Lee Garden Six, Lee Theatre Plaza, Leighton Center, One Hysan Avenue and Bamboo Grove.


版本 3.1.3


The updated app will leverage powerful new retail technology, providing practical online integration for different services


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91 個評分

91 個評分


Doesn’t work & my points submission is gone!

I submitted a receipt for points to be added before this update, and the status reflected ‘pending approval’ for about 10 days. However, after I updated my app a few days ago, this submission is nowhere to be found! Customer service didn’t get back to me either!
Moreover, on this version of update many buttons don’t respond. In the member center where I can check my points history, the buttons simply don’t respond. 1 in 30 attempts might work. Pls fix these problems ASAP!


Poor promotion management

App didn’t link with the 6-hours lee gardens plus WiFi login, which should be the most useful usage.

!!Promoter took away the welcome gift free coffee coupon for themselves, left only the buy one get one free coupon. !!

eCoupon is empty, promotion content cannot catch up with app relaunch and lee garden 3 launch activities.
Even you get the free coffee coupon and it will disappear inside the app. The staff said even you can get it is not really getting it. It is real time refresh and then up to limit redemption will disappear. Then what the point of using the app, just line up at the store and show the app is much simpler.


Great app to use when you go shopping in cwb!

Generally i like this app and I find it is convenient to search shops and promotions. I downloaded because of e-coupon function and it works. Will use it again when I go to Hysan.

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