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The smartest way to charge your battery!

Get the most out of your LiON Charger - whether for your eBike or your eScooter, it makes the charger really smart!

This app, individually developed for the LiON Charger, gives you complete control over your battery charging cycles. In this way, you protect and care for your expensive battery and prolong its life. Charge it quickly or gently to 100% or only to 90% - always as you need it at the moment.

What does the app offer?
- Optimal charging of e-bikes and e-scooter batteries
- Manage up to 10 different batteries, so you only need one travel charger for the whole family
- Preconfigured charging modes for everyday use
- Freedom and performance, customize your own charging scenarios, just the way you need them
- Statistics, give you an overview of the health of the battery and the charging cycles performed


版本 2.6.0

- Added FW update for the LiON
- Added Wh option for charge logs
- Minor UI improvements and fixes

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