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(一) 利用中國傳統「六藝」(禮、樂、射、御、書、數)的理念,推出認知互動遊戲,例如書法、運算等,長者可透過遊戲全面地鍛鍊腦筋,有助延緩認知退化。每個認知遊戲均設有三種不同難度,長者可自行選擇,或家人可協助初期的患者挑選切合他們認知程度的遊戲。家人陪同長者一起參與平板電腦遊戲,不但可促進長者大腦健康,更能增進彼此間的感情,融洽共處。
(二) 為提高公眾對此病的警覺性,應用程式裡包括一個簡單自我檢測,問卷的問題都是普遍初期認知障礙症患者於日常生活遇到的情況,完成問卷後會得到初步的建議,是否需要作詳細的評估。
(三) 本會與香港理工大學設計學院及Imagi Studio攜手合作,構思及製作有關認知障礙症的教育動畫短片,片內以故事形式講解認知障礙症的病理、病徵、藥物及非藥物治療等,從而提高公眾對認知障礙症的認識和了解。

Hong Kong Alzheimer’s Disease Association (HKADA) is committed to provide services and resources for people with dementia as well as their care-givers. The association was established in September 1995 as a non-profit making charitable organization. It was founded by a group of health care professionals including doctors, social workers, care-givers, academics and volunteers. HKADA has become one of the members of Alzheimer's disease International (ADI) and Hong Kong Council of Social Services (HKCSS) since 1996 & 1999 respectively.
Recently, our association design and install a brand new application which aims to suggest cognitive exercises and to provide a new channel of training and entertainment for elders in Chinese community. The application includes 3 major components:
1) Cognitive stimulating games with six traditional art elements (Interpersonal and social, Musical, Visual-spatial, Kinesthetic, Linguistic, & Logic-mathematical) for seniors to exercise their brains and to slow down cognitive decline. Each game consists of 3 difficult levels; elders can make their choices according to their interests. For elders with dementia symptoms, they may require guidance by caregivers on manipulating the device and selecting appropriate games based on their cognitive levels. Involvement with relatives/caregivers can enhance the participation of elders and also facilitate a harmonious relationship between elders and family members.
2) For the purpose of encouraging early detection for persons with cognitive deterioration, a self-test is introduced in the application and the self-administered questionnaire comprises 19 questions describing the problems that are commonly encountered for individuals with mild dementia in their daily living. Recommendation will be generated whether the users require further assessment or investigation.
3) A CG-animated movie is developed in collaboration with School of Design of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Imagi Studio in order to increase the public awareness and understandings of dementia. The video offers information on pathology and symptoms of dementia in addition to the pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment for dementia.


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