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最新版麥當勞App,都支援八達通App/錢包,Apple Pay,PayMe,微信支付,AlipayHK,Visa,MasterCard及美國運通喇!


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版本 4.8.66

麥當勞App而家都可以用美國運通畀錢喇! Order ‧ Pay ‧ Take唔使等,就係型!


2.6 滿分 5 粒星
8,129 個評分

8,129 個評分


Has a number of good discounts and deals but

If you order by using the app, you can often get extra discounts and some free stuff but it takes a long time just to order via the app. And one time, I kept trying to make an order for 2 hours because every time there would be a message saying something in my cart is out of stock. The problem is that it would not tell me exactly what is out of stock so I removed something random from my cart every time before making the order again. Eventually, I gave up trying to use the app and just went to a counter at a branch to make the order instead. After the order, I tried using the app again to see if it would work. It worked. I tried using it for 2 hours and there would be a pop-up error message every time. Then afterwards, I tried doing it again and it worked only after I had paid for an order, preventing me from saving any extra money.
Not impressed!

John hugua

Functional as it should be.

The app is totally functional considering if you need to avoid long queue on both order counter and kiosk. I cannot believe people giving one star on an app just because it doesn't fulfils a single request, which might violate the business model but not the app itself. For me, I could rely on the app to pre-order food so the moment I go into a store and check-in, my food would start to be prepared. And I don't even need to stand in front of a kiosk. Some people may say it only saves 1min. Have you ever encountered the busy hours at lunch time? The queues are like 15ppl per line and 3-4 per kiosk. Not to mention some elderlies take ages to order one hamburger with a cup of water. Moreover, I am a guy who controls body weight, the app provided enough information for me to know the cals in each food. It would be even better if the information include details, e.g. the cals in the sauce ( because I usually order chicken sub without sauce ). The promotion and stuffs are also bonus for me. 4 stars because I still encounter minor navigation bugs such as missing head bar after selecting restaurant on the map. So yea, this app is useful when you need it, but not a must if you have the choice to order faster.


Password and Stores Closed issue

Firstly, when you try to reset the password, it doesn’t accept the password you type and keeps saying try another password.
Another problem is, for my specific account, it keeps showing that the stores are closed. Even though it shows open on the other people’s phones around me, it keeps saying on my phone that the store is currently closed.
The App is very handy and you can place the order on your phone and don’t have to wait in long lines in rush hours.
Looking forward to a fix to this problem.

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