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Display current WAN IP & LAN IP in menu tab.

Email Notification when IP address has been Changed.

Time based scheduler to run script ( Shell Script, AppleScript, Automator )

Trigger to run script ( Shell Script, AppleScript, Automator ) as following situations :

For MacPro, iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Studio
- System awake
- System idle
- IP has been Changed
- CPU high load
- Memory high pressure
For MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air
- Charge plugged
- Charge unplugged

Support import script type .sh(shellscript), .scpt(AppleScript), .app(Appication) and provide button on iOS to remote execution through iCloud

Provide button on iOS version to remote execute all time based script and trigger Script through personal iCloud.

Cloud Listing, Check your machine's WAN IP when those are enabling iCloud service.

Remote Capture, Capture photo remotely through FaceTime Camera and controlled by another Mac/iPhone which is running myAddress too.

Display Status of CPU Loading, Memory Used, Top 4 Apps using memory, Storage Capacity, Network Traffic and System Uptime.

CPU stress test feature - bump up CPU loading to 100% and let you more understand the temperature

CPU high load notification

Memory Pressure - indicator which provides more info to measure the memory hardware resources

Memory pressure notification

Display battery information if running on Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air.

Low battery and battery draining notification if running on Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air.

Realtime local disk IO speed while mouse over on dashboard.

USB type-c charge info (voltages , watt) while mouse over on dashboard.

TouchBar function will shows after you clicked on the Status icon.
Shortcut : "Copy IP", "Activity Monitor", "Storage Management", "System Preferences, VNC"

* It shows VNC icon on iCloud listing/Touchbar feature for call out macOS default vnc client if the machines are running VNC service on same private network with same iCloud account.

* iOS version is available now! Don't hesitate to install it for enable more features on you phone !
* iOS version rely on iCLoudList feature for full function. Please enable it on your Mac after myAddress installation on "Setting" page.


版本 4.9.4

Improved accuracy of battery charge cycle information for iOS


4.5 滿分 5 粒星
26 個評分

26 個評分


Offering me a lot info

This app is so nice coz I can see much info of my macbook. I can know the condition of my mac clearly now and TBH, it makes me wanna change to a new Mac haha.


Just updated to Big Sur

Thanks but please update the iOS version too. It has incorrect macOS verion on it.




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